Basket Weave Scarf WM

For this project you will need a 5mm hook and at least 2 skeins of 10 ply /4 or Medium worsted weight yarn.

This will show you how to do the Basket Weave stitch and make it into the scarf you see above. This is a very easy to follow Crochet tutorial

ch = chain

DC = double crochet

FPDC = Front post double crochet

BPDC = Back post double crochet


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To Start:

Ch 21

Row 1

DC into the 2nd ch from the hook, and in all stitch of the round (20 sts)

Row 2

ch 1 and turn, FPDC using the post of the dc from the last round. do this for the first 4 post, then you want to do a BPDC using the post of the next 4 DC’s and keep alternating 4 FPDC’s then 4 BPDC’s.

Basket weave Granny Square 1 -1

FPDC pull post FORWARD

Basket weave Granny Square 2 -1

BPDC push post BACK

Row 3

Repeat row 2 – You will always be starting with your 4 FPDC.

Continue until scarf is desired length.

If your interested in making the hat, check out BoBWilsons tutorial

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