Butterfly Stitch Scarf - Blanket 1 - 1 WM

For this project you will need a 5.5mm hook US size I and worsted weight 10 ply UK, or US 4 ply yarn. This pattern can easily be turned into an afghan!

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
BFS = Butterfly stitch
sts = stitches


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To start:
ch 21

Round one

start to BFS in the 2nd ch from your hook, using 2 sts to complete the stitch as usual and at the end ch 1 as always to complete the BFS and turn your work. 20 sts

Butterfly Stitch Scarf - Blanket 2 -1

Round two

work a sc in first stitch and all sts across, but to keep this project going straight, you have to make your last two stitches a bit different. Put one stitch on the top of the BFS and the very last stitch into the large stitch at the end. I tried to make the last 2 holes visible in the picture below. Count to make sure you have 20 sts

Butterfly Stitch Scarf - Blanket 3 -1

Round three

Now ch 1 and turn and start your row of BFS across, but in the very last space you need to skip the last stitch and finish the BFS in the ch 1 from the previous round. Below the thumb is below the stitch you need to use.

Repeat rounds two and three until your scarf is desired length.

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