Bangle 11 -1

Bangle 10 - 1

For this project you will need a 5mm hook or size H hook for the US, and two different colors of regular worsted weight yarn, 4 ply for the US and 10 ply for AU. You won’t need much of either, great project for using up scrap yarn. A tapestry needle and a stitch marker.

Ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
sc = single crochet
sk a st = skip a stitch
st(s) = Stitch(es)
MC = Main color
OC = Other color
YO = Yarn over
PS = Puff Stitch
sc dec = single crochet decrease

The Puff Stitch is done as follows.
YO, go in through stitch and pull up a loop, (3 loops on hook)
YO, go in through stitch and pull up a loop, (5 loops on hook)
YO, go in through stitch and pull up a loop, YO and pull through all 7 loops on your hook.


Right handed

Left handed

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To Start: Ch in multiples of 2.
If your making this for a child, feel free to do 24, 26, 28 etc..

For the purpose of this pattern, I will be chaining 30
Sl st in the bottom loop of first ch.

Round 1
With MC single crochet in all stitches around. Using top loops only.
When you get to the end of the row, sl st into bottom of first sc. Ch 1 and elongate your loop. Count your sts. (30 sts)

Bangle 12 -1

Bangle 13  -1

Finger shows where bottom part of stitch is.

Place stitch marker here.

Round 2

Bangle 14 -1

Bangle 15 -1

Attach your OC to the left of your last stitch as shown below. Ch 1 and PS,

repeat pattern as follows for rest of row, *sk a st, PS, ch 1*

Bangle 8 -1

How the row should look

Bangle 16 -1

How you end a round

At the end of the round, making sure MC is pushed back, sl st into beginning puff stitch, as show in picture. Now ch 1 and elongate your loop. Grab MC.

Round 3
Ch 1 and sc in the skipped stitches from last round. Start with where you are now and sc in this first stitch. Ch 1, * sk a st, sc, ch 1 * repeat what is in between * see pictures below.

Bangle Combined

To end the round sl st into beginning sc and ch 1.
You have three options here, you can end the bangle and leave it one row. Skip down to learn how to finish it off. Or you can add one more row, repeat the last 2 rows again. Then skip down to learn how to finish it off.

Bangle 18 -1

One Round

Bangle 23 - 1

Two Rounds

Or you can change it up and do 3 rows, alternating colors

I will show you this now.

Round 4
With MC still, do a puff stitch in the beginning st you sl stitched in to. * ch 1, sk a st, PS * repeat for the round. You want to be working in the stitch to the right of the single crochets you did in the previous round. Like shown below. End of round, sl st into beginning PS and ch 1, elongate your loop and grab OC’s loop.

Bangle 6 -1

Bangle 19 -1

Round 5
With your OC, ch 1 and work a sc in the skipped stitch one row down. Ch 1, * sk a st, sc into skipped st one row down, ch 1 * repeat what is in between *
sl st into beginning sc.

Round 6
ch 1 and with same color do a PS in the same stitch. * Ch 1, sk a stitch, PS * * repeat what is in between * sl st into beginning PS, ch 1 and cut your yarn, leaving enough tail to be worked in with a tapestry needle.

Round 7
Grab your loop for your MC and ch 1, sc one row down, to the left of the other sc.
Ch 1, and repeat, just like you did for the previous rows. At end of round, st st into first sc and ch 1

Round 8
SC in same stitch and the following 4 sts, then do a sc dec, sc in next 5 sts, do a sc dec, repeat until end of round. Sc the last few stitch and sl st to beginning sc. Ch 1

Round 9
Do a reverse single crochet, or crab stitch, all the way around border. If you don’ know how to do this I have a tutorial on it here. do not work this into last st, but do a sl st, ch one. Cut your yarn leaving enough tail to be worked in.

Crab Stitch

Round 10
Attach your MC to other side of bangle to repeat same crab stitch border, cut yarn leaving a tail to be worked in by a tapestry needle. Work in ends and enjoy!

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