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Crocheted Daisy Rug – Free Crochet Pattern

Daisy ruf display 600 WM

Multi Finished



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For this Daisy Rug project you will need

HOOK: 5mm hook, or a size US H hook and

YARN: 4 different colors skeins of worsted weight yarn. 4 ply US 10 ply AU

You will need 2 skeins to make the main color of the flower. And 1 skein or less of each of the other 3 colors.

You will also need a tapestry needle to sew the pieces together.


The finished rug will be 15.74 inches from to to bottom and 25 inches wide.


ch = chain
st(s)= stitch(s)
sl = slip
dc = double crochet
*()* = repeat what is in brackets


THE TUTORIALS for the Daisy Rug




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You will need to do 29 of the large motif’s and 22 small motif’s


Making the Large Motif

Ch 4 and sl st in beginning ch to form a ring, *(ch 3 and sl st into ring.)* repeat this 9 more times until you have 10 small petals. ch 1 and cut yarn leaving a tail to be worked in with a tapestry needle.




Now change to the color you want for your petals and working in the back sts, attach your new color to one of the back sts.

First Daisy rug pic 2




*(Ch 3 and sl st into next back st)* continue that around until you have 10 small white petals.




At the end of row you want to sl st into the nearest petal to your left turn your work to face the front and ch3, dc 4 more, then turn your work to the back and sl st into the top of the beginning ch 3 to create the popcorn st. Ch 2.

Dc 5 into next small petal to the left, then turn your work and sl st into the top of the first popcorn. Ch 2.

Repeat making a popcorn and ch 2




until you have 10 popcorn sts. sl at into the top hole of the beginning popcorn stitch. ch 1 and cut yarn, long enough to work in with a tapestry needle.




Attach your green yarn into one of the ch 2 spaces that are inbetween the popcorn stitches and dc 2, then dc 2 into the loop created at the top of the popcorn st when you made it. (top space of the popcorn) continue to dc 2 around for a total of 40 dc’s. sl st into top of beginning dc and ch 1 cut yarn.




Attach the black yarn into any st and ch 1, then working to the right sc backward, which is called a crab st.




continue that all the way around and leaving yourself a tail to sew your flowers together cut yarn.


Making the Small Motif



It’s worked like the first two rows of the Large Motif.

With your yellow yarn create the beginning flower again, working the first two rows. (only the second row instead of white, use Black.)

Change to black and do ch 3 sl st into back of next st. Like you did before. Fasten off yarn.




Now to sew the rug together. To make sure the rig stays on the front side, you want to sew using the back sts.


Sew through back loops only

Each of the top three rows will be 7 large motif’s and 6 small motif’s.




On the fourth row you will also be using 6 small motif’s, but only 5 large motif’s. On the fifth row you will be using 4 small motif’s and 3 large motif’s as shown in the picture at the top of this page.

Finish sewing in all your tails and your done! Enjoy!


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