Flower Barrette 1 - 1 WM

For this project you will need a metal barrette , a button, 4mm hook or a size 6 US hook and 10 ply Worst weight yarn. Also you will need a tapestry needle for sewing.

Ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
sl st = slip stitch
st(s) = Stitch(es)


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First piece

Round one
ch 4 and sl st into beginning ch to form a ring.

Round two
dc 20 into ring, sl st into beginning dc

Round three
ch 10 and sl st into the beginning st, ch 10 and sl st into same stitch (2 connections per st) ch 10 and sl st intp next st, ch 10 and sl st into the same st, repeat for all sts around. You should have 40 loops at the end. Cut yarn

Second piece

Round one
ch 4 and sl st into beginning ch to form a ring. Sc 10 into ring. Sl st into beginning sc

Round two
ch 10 and sl st into next petal to the left, ch 10 and repeat for a total of 10 petals. Leave yourself a long tail for sewing and attaching your flower to the barrette. Cut yarn.

Putting it together

Now get your two pieces and place the smaller piece on top of the large one, and place your button in the center.

Put your needle through to the back and sewing through both center flowers and up through the holes in the button, sew all your pieces together. Once your done, thread your tail through the metal barrette at the very bottom, to not prevent closing the barrette. Sew through all the places in and around the barette and flower to secure it from moving.

And enjoy!Barrette's -1

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