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Flower Sun Hat – Free Crochet Pattern

Sunhat 12 WM

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For this Flower Sun Hat project you will need

HOOK: 4 mm hook or a US 6 size hook
YARN: skein of cotton yarn of your choosing. I used variegated for mine. 3 ply US 8 ply AU


ch = chain
sc = single crochet
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
sl st = slip stitch


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Making the Flower



To make the center of the flower you need to

Ch 5 and sl st into beginning ch to form a ring.
Ch 1 and sc 12 into ring, ch 1 and cut yarn.

Sunhat 1



To make the petals you need to ch 5 and skip a st and sl st into next. Continue until you have 6 total ch 5 spaces, the last ch 5 you need to sl st into the beginning space where you started.




Next to make the petals, sc into the nearest ch 5 space to the left then HDC 1, DC 4, HDC 1, SC 1, then start again in the next ch 5 space until you have worked all 6 petals, sl st in beginning st and ch 1 and cut your yarn. You will need to make 19 total if you wish to make this hat for a 4 year old. If you have an older child you wish to make this for, then when you start to sew the flowers together, check to see if 6 flowers are big enough, should fit snug, but not to snug, because you will have a chance to make the hat rim a little smaller to fit the child’s head better. If it’s to small, then try 7 flowers across and so forth.




To start to sew them together you need to get your tapestry needle and sew two of the flowers together, one petal to the next, put one on top of the other, with the bottom flower facing good side up, and the one on top facing back side up like shown below




Sew at least 3 sts together, and once done, cut yarn and eye at least 3 knots to fasten.




Continue to sew them together, leaving 2 petals on top and 2 petals on the bottom, just sew using the middle petals until you have your desired width of the hat (for me it was 6 flowers for my 4 y/o daughter) and then sew the two end flowers together to form a ring.

Now round 2 you will be using the same amount of flowers as you did your first row, so if you used 6, then you will use 6 here too. Sew this next row of flowers, using the 3 bottom petals, connect to top petal of the left flower,




then sew the middle petal to the in between space where you sewed the previous flowers together



then sew the third petal to the top of the right flower like shown below


continue sewing your flowers like this til you have all the spaces filled and equal number of flowers on 1 and 2nd round.


Sunhat 9



For third round you will be sewing the flowers almost the same as the last round, the only difference is that you will be using the tops petals twice like so


Sunhat 11




you will sew the flowers the same as round 2 but when you go to sew the top petals, you want to use only 2 of the 4 DC’s on the top petal, saving 2 DC’s to use to sew the next flower.

Then for round 4 connect the side petals together like you did for round 1.



Once you are done, get your last remaining flower and use it to connect all the top points of the flowers
I used 6 flowers for my rounds and the flower itself has 6 petals so I just connected at the point of each petals, but if you have more, you could always use a similar method as round 3.

Now we make the rim of the hat. Attach your yarn to one of the bottom flower petals and sc 3, into the tops of the two loose petals like shown below, using the DC’s only, you have 4 on each petal, just find a comfortable way to use three of them on each petal




then chain 5 (or ch 6 or 7, depending on the size of your child’s head, be sure to check it on them before you start making the rim of the hat.)and repeat for next flower



Once your happy with the size of the rim (I hope your tried it on your little one) and it’s snug enough, you want to start the rim.


Making the rim


All you need to do is DC 2 in all sc’s and chain’s around.
You do this for a total of 3 rounds, dc 2 in each st then next round you dc 2 in all those sts





Then sl st and ch 1 and cut yarn, now the fun part, working in all the ends! I know it’s a pain but once your done you’ll have this


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