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Mini Chain Scrunchie – Free Crochet Pattern

Small done 600 WM

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For this Mini Chain Scrunchie project you will need:

Hook: 3.5 mm hook/ E hook

This pattern and all scrunchie patterns work best using 3 light worsted weight yarn 3ply US (8 ply AU)

Also you will need some plan old rubber bands, with a cover over them, so that you can crochet over them, a plan rubber band wouldn’t have enough strength to be able to work with very easy. So get some like you see below, that already come with some sort of cover.

Ch = Chain
sc = Single crochet
sl st = slip stitch
sp = space
st(s) = stitch(es)


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rubber bankd attachm


Round 1
Go in through the center of the rubber band, pull up some yarn, and then grab more yarn to complete you first sc. Tighten up the stitch to the rubber band if you can.

Now continue around, single crocheting and hiding you rubber band. Keep pushing your stitches tighter against one another, but not to tight where you won’t be able to work with them later on. Keep the number by sets of 3. Anything divisible by 3.

With smaller ply yarn I single crocheted 75.
With medium ply yarn I single crocheted 54.
With Large ply yarn I single Crocheted 42.

The pattern works up the same, no matter how small or large your rubber band is, or how you crochet, or what size yarn your using. just keep the single crocheted amount divisible by three. And you will be fine.


Round 2
Once done with your single crocheting sl st into beginning st and ch 4, skip 2 sts and sl st and ch 4. repeat til the end of the round.


Round 2


Round 3
Now sl st into the nearest ch 4 space and ch 3, and sl st into the ch 4 space again. Do this for a total of 7 times, til you have 7 small little petals on your ch 4 space, then sl st over to the next ch 4 space and repeat. Should look like the picture you see below. If your using medium size yarn only do this 5 times per ch 4 space instead of 7, and large yarn do this 4 times instead of 7.


Mini chain Scrunchie 1



Do this for all sts around and sl st into beginning st and ch 1 cut your yarn, hide tail in the stitches of the first sc’s you made, make sure to stretch the rubber band to make sure the tail is hidden. And enjoy!


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