For this project you will need a 3.5 mm / E hook and 3ply US / 8ply AU yarn or you could use 4 ply / 10ply as long as the yarn is not to stiff, so the petals will fold up correctly and a button optional.

Ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet



Right handed version

Left handed version

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To Start:
ch 4 and sl st into beginning ch to form a ring.


Round 1
ch 1 and sc 12 into ring, sl st into beginning sc


Round 2
*ch 3, dc, ch 3 and sl st all into same stitch, sl st into next stitch, then sl st into next stitch again * and repeat petal, sl st into beginning stitch (6 petals)


Divine Flower 3 -1

Divine Flower 4 -1

Round 3

*ch 4, sl st into top of petal DC, then ch 4 and sl st into next sl st space in between petals * repeat sl st into beginning st.


Divine Flower 5 -1

Divine Flower 6 -1

Divine Flower 7 -1

Round 4
ch 4 and Turn your work with back facing you, sl st into the back stitches of the sl st from last round. *ch 4 and sl stitch in the next back stitch* Repeat sl st into beginning st. we are using the slip stitches from the previous round, to make our connect this round.


Divine Flower 8 -1

Divine Flower 9  -1

Round 5
ch 1 and Turn with front of flower facing you. Sl st into nearest ch 4 space to the left . Ch 6, sc in second chain from hook, then work down chain as follows HDC, DC, DC, HDC then sl st into ch 4 space. Repeat one more time into same ch 4 space (two petals per space. When done sl st into next ch 4 space and repeat the two petals.


Divine Flower 10 -1

Divine Flower 11 -1

Sl st into beginning st and leaving a long tail cut yarn.

Divine Flower 12 -1

Work your tail to the back center of flower.

Divine Flower 13 -1

Sew on button.

Divine Flower 14 -1


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