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Flower Spiral Motif – Free Crochet Pattern


Flower Spiral Motif COMB

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For this Flower Spiral Motif Project The stitch can be done with any size yarn and hook.

YARN: I used 4 ply US or 10 ply AU yarn

HOOK:  a 3.5mm hook

For this stitch you can use any size yarn and needle once you get the basic pattern down. BFS = Butterfly stitch If you don’t know it, you can learn it here http://meladorascreations-com.webs.com/meladorasbutterflysti.htm


sk a st = Skip a stitch

sl st = slip stitch

bfs = butterfly stitch


THE TUTORIALS for Flower Spiral Motif



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To: start
Ch 5, sl st into beginning ch to form a ring.


Round 1

ch 1 Butterfly stitch 6 or 8 into ring. Depending on the size of yarn and hook your using. Sl st into beginning st. Smaller the hook and yarn, the more
BF sts you want to add here. Just not to many!

Round 2

ch 5 and sl st into next st, ch 2 & turn your work, working in ch 5 space you just made, do 6 bfs, and sl st into next st along middle circle

Round 3

ch 5 and turn your work, sl st into next st. ch 2, turn your work and working in the ch 5 space, put 6 bfs, sl st into next st along middle circle



Round 4 (first time around the middle flower )

Repeat round 3

Connect the last petal like you did the others


Round 5 ( second spiral around )

Make petals the same only sk a st and sl st into next stitch, each petal from the previous round should have 2 connections on it like shown in picture below (after second bfs)

Flower Spiral Motif 9 -1



Every other petal the sl st place will alternate, the next petal you will need to sl st in the same space the petal from the previous row began. Unless your feeling by the way you crochet, that slip stitching here pulls to much or not enough, then maybe attach it to the next petal.

Flower Spiral Motif 11 -1

Flower Spiral Motif 8 -1



What makes this project not for beginners is because there is not set design where you slip stitch into, you need to lay it flat and make sure it’s not bunching up anywhere, when your about to make your next connecting slip stitch, lay your piece flat and slip stitch in the next place where it will not pull to much, or else it will decrease, and not to far away or else it will warp and not lay flat. So this takes experience.
When you want to end it, just sl stitch with the front facing you, like your about to make another petal, but don’t, you can cut your yarn or add a nice border.

The stitches are worked the same through out. Do your best to keep it flat and you can make a doily, shawl, baby blanket, pillow, coasters or anything you can think of! Make sure to mark and know where your beginning stitch is, so when your ready to finish your project you can end in the space before it, not completing the last petal, skip over a few stitches and sl st to try to flatten the surface as much as you can. Feel free to do a border of some kind around the end to help even out the last row.


This pattern is brought to you by www.meladorascreations.com
You can sell any item made from this pattern and link back to my page or videos, but you do not have permission to copy and paste my pattern anywhere online. ©Copyright 2015, All Rights Reserved


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