This Pom Pom maker is a very easy to do


All you need is:

a pair of scissors

card board from a cereal box

a glass the size of the pom pom you want

a pen or pencil

and some yarn.


The Tutorial for Pom Pom maker

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Get your cup and set it onto the cardboard.

Get a pin and trace the cup – Do this twice

Now get your scissors and cut out your two circles. Cut a slit into one of the circles, line the other circle up and mark it with a pin so you know where to cut the slit on this next one. Once done you place your circles together  start wrapping your yarn around the circles, like a half moon.

DO THIS MANY TIMES until your circle is pretty filled. Then take a long piece of yarn to use to tie your pom pom closed, about a 2 feet long, and then cut your yarn on your pom pom maker, holding the yarn to make sure it doesn’t come apart form the card board.

Then use your long string to place in between your card board pieces and tie about 3 knots. Use this extra yarn to sew onto your project.

Pom Pom Maker Combin


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