Infinity combined WM


For this project you will need a 6mm hook or size J for the US and at least 3 skeins of 100 grams worsted weight yarn. A stitch marker and a tapestry needle for sewing in ends and a tape measure. Scarf is 25 cms / 10 inches wide.




Ch = chain

sc = single crochet

sl st = slip stitch

PS = puff stitch

BFS = Butterfly Stitch

sk a st = skip a stitch

st(s) = Stitch(es)




Right Handed



Left Handed


Round 1
Sc in all sts (measure)
when your ready to do the connection, make sure your whole piece is straight with no twist in it. Then bring one end up to the other. Take the left side and twist it twice, so that you have the top stitches up at the top where they belong, but left piece will have 2 twist.

Infinity Scarf 12 -1

Now you want to make your two connections. Connect the two top stitches. Then connect the top bottom stitches.

Infinity Scarf 13 -1

Infinity Scarf 14 -1

Now chain 2 bringing your hook back to the top and making your project even at the bottom.

Infinity Scarf 15 -1

Then we want to start our puff stitch. To do the puff stitch for this pattern is as follows.
YO go in through stitch, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook)

YO go in through stitch, pull up a loop (5 loops on hook)
YO go in through stitch, pull up a loop (7 loops on hook)
Pull through all 7 loops

Round 2
*PS in next stitch, ch 1, sk a stitch * repeat what is in between *’s for round. Sl st into top of beginning PS.

Bangle 1 -1

Round 3
ch 1 and sc in the skipped stitches from the last round. *sc, ch 1, sk a st * repeat what is in between the *’s. sl st into beginning sc to end round.

Bangle 4 -1

Bangle 2 -1

Round 4
For this round you will be working your puff stitches to the right of your single crochets. * PS, ch 1, sk a st * Repeat for rest of round. Sl st into top of beginning PS to end round.

Bangle 6 -1

Round 5
Ch 1 and sc to the right of the puff stitch just under you. Ch 1 and sc into the stitches to the right of the PS’s if you look at the stitches your working in you will see they have 2 sections, only separated by a piece of yarn, the PS is worked in the left one and the SC is worked in the right one on the next round.
Rounds 6 – 11
Round 2 and 3 are a set. You will need to do 5 rounds total. You just did two sets, so repeat rounds 2 and 3 three more times. When you’ve finished your sets, it should look like this.

Infinity Scarf 2 -1

Round 12
Ch 1, go in through first st and pull up a loop, YO and pull through one of the loops, go into next stitch and pull up a loop. YO and pull through 2 loops, then YO and pull trough last two loops. Ch 1.
To start the BFS round you will be working in the two sections like below.

Infinity Scarf 8 -1

Work the first part of the butterfly in the first stitch, and finish the BFS in the second.

Infinity Scarf 9 -1

Repeat until last stitch. The last stitch you will work the beginning part of the stitch in the last stitch of the round and end it in long loop at the beginning.

Butterfly Ending the round

Place your marker here to mark the beginning of your BFS rounds, you will be working in one continuous round now.

Round 13
This round you will be working in the butterfly wings from the previous round.

BFS worked in wings pic -2
As picture shows above, you will go in through the first wing and pull up a loop, YP go through one loop, go into next wing and pull up a loop, Y go through 2 loops, YO go through 2 loops then ch 1. sl st into beginning st.
Repeat this for a total of 15 rounds. If you want a wider scarf do more rounds.

Round 27
Now we will be switching back to the PS. For this round we will also be using the wings of the butterfly.

Infinity Scarf 1 -1

Ch 1 and in same stitch work a PS, ch 1, sk a st * repeat. As shown below, you will be working in the left wing this round. Sl st into beginning PS to end round.

Round 28
Ch 1 and sc one row down, * ch 1 sk a st, sc in right wing. * repeat until end of round.

Rounds 29 – 36
You will work rounds the same as you did rounds 2 and 3 until you have a total of 5 sets on this is as well.

Round 37
Sc in all sts around. Skip doing the last st and sl st into beginning st to make your project more even on top. Ch 1 and cut yarn, leaving a tail long enough to be worked in with a tapestry needle.

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