Moss Stitch Beanie C

For this Moss Stitch Beanie project you will need

HOOKS: 5mm hook (H) and a 5.5mm hook (I)

Yarn: Two colors of worsted weight yarn, 4 ply for the US and 10 ply for AU

A marker

tapestry needle



Ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
hdc = half double crochet
CS = Crab Stitch
sts = Stitches



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Making the Rim
Hook Size 5.00mm Hook

To start:
ch 12, sc in second ch from hook and in all sc’s (11)
ch 1 and turn, working in back loops only, sc in all sts

repeat until you have 60 rows
then connect to form a ring by sl stitching.
When you get to the end of the row, ch 1 and we are going to start working in the side of the stitches now to make the hat.
Make sure to put 2 single crochets between each row of ribbing. My thumb below shows the sections that I mean

sc 2 in ribbing -2



Once you have 2 single crochets in between each area as indicated above, you should have 60 sts

sl st into beginning sc and ch 1

Starting the hat
Change Hook Size to 5.5mm Hook, and change colors

For this round with we be working in the front loops of the single crochets only

Round 1
CS using front loops only all the way around (60 sts) Place marker below to mark beginning of round.

Round 2
Now sc in all of the back loops you didn’t use from the previous row, as shown in picture below.


Moss Hat Beanie 3 -1




Round 3
Ch 1 and in same stitch do a HDC, next stitch do a sl st, repeat til you come up to your marker again (hdc, sl st) sl to into last stitch to join. (60 sts)


Round 4
ch 1 and turn your work and HDC into the first stitch where you last sl stitched, and put a sl stitch in to the stitches where you did you hdc last round. (HDC, sl st) (60 sts)

repeat rounds 3 and 4 until you have 14 rows complete, not counting the first round of single crochets, just the moss stitch rounds.
If you need more help with the moss stitch, see this beginner video with slow motion




Reducing the hat

We start to reduce our stitches now. Keep going around the hat in one continuous round, but stopping to change stitches every time you reach your marker .

Sc 1 in the next 3 stitches then do a single crochet decrease. Repeat til you get back to your marker. (49 sts)

Sc 1 in next 2 stitches then do a single crochet decrease. Repeat til you get back to your marker. (36 sts)

Sc 1 in next stitch then do a single crochet decrease. Repeat til you get back to your marker. (24 sts)

Do a single crochet decrease In all sts for 2 rows, ch 1 and cut yarn. Turn hat inside out and sew top hole of hat closed with tapestry needle, use tapestry needle to hide tail.

Change to your 5mm hook Now on other side of rim to finish, again sc 2 in each section as you did before. Crab stitch in one stitch, then do an elongated crab stitch by pulling the yarn up, and skip a stitch then crab stitch in the next stitch (repeat crap stitch, pull up yarn, sk a st, then crab stitch) ch 1 cut yarn, hide tail. So you will be doing an elongated crab stitch every other stitch.

Moss Hat Beanie 2 -1



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