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Petite Flower Headband – Free Crochet Pattern


This Free Crochet pattern teaches you how to Crochet A flower Headband. Learn to crochet over a plain plastic headband and make it beautiful with a small amount of scrap yarn.


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Petite Flower Headband – Free Crochet Pattern

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Petite headband comb


For this Petite Flower Headband project you will need

a plain head band. It is preferred that you get the kind with the spikes on it so that the yarn will not slide down the headband.


Petite Flower Headband 3

Also you will need a 3.5 mm hook or size E hook and some worsted weight yarn. 4ply for the US or 10 ply for AU. Also you will need a tapestry needle to sew on your flower.








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This pattern and tutorial shows you how to crochet around the headband and attach the flower, if you wish to learn to make the flower, then see this link on how to make the petite flower. http://meladorascreations-com.webs.com/petitelittleflower.htm

To Start:
Get your hook and headband and start to single crochet about a half inch inside the spikes, to give you some slipping room for later encase the stitches loosen. Like shown below.

Petite Flower Headband 4



Single crochet around it by putting your hook below the headband and drawing up some yarn. Just like you do for the scrunchie like shown below.



Headband Attachment


Keep your stitches snug around the band, you don’t want them to be loose or to tight.

Make sure to take your time and single crochet close to one another to give you a solid crochet look, you won’t be able to move the stitches tighter together later because of the spikes on the headband. Stop about a half inch before the spikes stop.



Petite Flower Headband 2


Then chain 1 and cut your yarn leaving a very long tail to sew your flower on with. Unlike the picture shows below, that tail was way to short!




Find where you want your flower to be and then work your tapestry needle up to that point. I wanted mine to be on the side. So I stopped just a little ways in.




Make sure to align the center of the bottom of the flower to the headband so you sew it on evenly.




Petite Flower Headband 9

Going through some of the bottom stitches on one side, then through the single crochets on the headband, then into some of the bottom stitches on the other side. Work your way back and forth, down one side of the flower, then back up to where you started. Then create a loop and make a knot to tie your tail down. Then work in your tail through the single crochet stitches.


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