Ruffle Scarf WM

For this project you will need sashay yarn or like it.




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This yarn netting comes in different sizes, and depending on how wide the netting is, use the needles and cast on examples below.

For the small to medium size holes, use 4mm needles and cast on 5 eyes (see example picture at bottom of page)

For medium to large use size 6 1/2 needles and cast on 6 eyes (Like the picture at the top of page)

For large holes use size use 9mm needles and cast on 7 eyes (see example picture at bottom of page)

TIP: When you start to make a ruffle scarf it looks so uniform at the beginning, the best way to get it going with the mixed up look is to twist it as soon as possible, I use my knees to grab the bottom in order to hold it still so the twist holds, or you could try a clip of some kind to attach to something to keep it from turning. This scarf is made using the basic garnet stitch.

If you need pictures I have made a pattern with pictures using the newest Lacy Mesh Yarn, and you can find that pattern here

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