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Hi I'm Candy from Meladora's Creations and I design crochet patterns and film them for my YouTube channel. I want to start by saying, I am by no means a professional teacher. I figure things out as I go along and I love playing with yarn! This is how I have discovered new crochet stitches. I am a mother of two and I live in Israel presently, but I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I met a man on an online game and became friends and through time we fell in love and I came out here to Israel to be together. From lack of knowing how to speak Hebrew, I had to find a way to help take care of our two kids, so after sharing my crochet projects online and being asked to do a tutorial on one of them, I finally broke down and tried it. Click on the "About Me" on the top of the page to read a longer version of my story.

5 easy Steps to keep your chain from twisting when you’re trying to form a ring in crochet

By |2021-11-12T07:37:25+00:00November 11, 2021|Beanies, Crochet Hats, Slouch hats|

How do you keep your chain from twisting when you're trying to form a ring in crochet? I get asked this question quite a bit, so I made this mini [...]

Crochet Tube Scarf – Zig Zag Scarf – Free Crochet pattern

By |2021-11-10T07:53:00+00:00November 10, 2021|Crochet To Wear, Scarves, Scarves for Men, Winter Scarves|

This Crochet Tube Scarf's color changes are even easier than the Butterfly Stitch Tube Scarf was. Also both of these tube scarves would be great for both men and women [...]

Crochet Tube Scarf – using the Butterfly Stitch – Free Crochet pattern

By |2021-10-27T14:59:46+00:00October 27, 2021|Crochet To Wear, Scarves, Scrap Yarn Patterns, Winter Scarves|

  A Crochet Tube Scarf is awesome to have if you live in cold places because it's double thick! Not to mention it's great for using stitches that look better [...]

10 Simple Stitch Granny Squares Crochet Pattern Round up

By |2021-10-20T05:59:37+00:00October 20, 2021|Flowers & Grannies, Granny Squares, Round Up's|

  Granny squares made using Simple Crochet stitches! How many times have you used a stitch and thought to yourself, man I would love to turn this stitch into a [...]

Clover Crochet Stitch – Free Crochet Stitch pattern

By |2021-10-19T03:03:03+00:00October 13, 2021|Crochet Stitches, Warm Crochet Stitches|

  The Clover Crochet Stitch utilizes color to create it's awesome effect. If you've ever done tapestry crochet then you already know how to carry your color with you and [...]

10 Free Halloween Costume Crochet Patterns – Crochet Link Blast

By |2021-10-09T12:47:54+00:00October 6, 2021|Halloween, Holiday Crochet, Round Up's|

  I just love Halloween Costume Crochet Patterns and with Halloween just around the corner, it's the perfect time to start crocheting your Halloween Costumes for friends and family. I [...]

V Stitch Waffle Crochet Stitch – Free Crochet Stitch Pattern

By |2021-10-19T03:02:38+00:00September 29, 2021|Crochet Stitches, Warm Crochet Stitches|

  When I first saw he V Stitch Waffle Crochet Stitch I thought I just had to try it! When I started crocheting it I realized that I'd already been [...]

10 Free Giant Amigurumi Crochet Patterns – Crochet Pattern Round up

By |2021-10-09T12:53:03+00:00September 22, 2021|Amigurumi, Crochet for Children, Round Up's|

  These Giant Amigurumi Crochet Patterns are so cute! Be sure to save these for when you need them. They make great gifts for a small child or just anyone [...]

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