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Butterfly Shawl Crochet Patterns – Meladora’s Creations

Butterfly Shawl Crochet Patterns are super easy and fun to make! And they are easy repeat pattern shawls that are large enough to wrap around you. Plus since it’s a simple repeat pattern, you can keep repeating it until your shawl is as big as you like! I’ve been working hard on designing them because I wasn’t a fan of triangle shawls. I like my shawls to be big and hug you!

All of the shawls I designed are Adult and plus size, except for the Bat-terfly Shawl and Butterfly Net Shawl which are child size in the pattern. They all use fingerling size yarn which is 1 ply.

All the butterfly shawls all come with video tutorials too!


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Find the Ebook of all 10 Shawl patterns here on Etsy or here on Ravelry

Feather Butterfly Shawl

The Feather Buttery Shawl is the 10th Butterfly shawl in the series. This one has the butterfly theme as it’s stitch. A shawl made of butterflies! Bunches of little butterflies! The end result looks like feathers, so this is why I called this one the Feather Butterfly Shawl.


Crescent Butterfly Shawl

The Crescent Butterfly Shawl is the 9th butterfly shawl crocheted in the series. I’ve been waiting to use this black, gray and white 1000 meter yarn cake for just the right design and I believe I found it!


Emperor Butterfly Shawl

You have a few options for this Butterfly shawl. Just like some Emperor Butterfly’s they have a second area below the wings. I’ve added this section to the shawl. You don’t have to only do this as the border, you can start it halfway down the back of the shawl if you’d like a ruffle shawl. It takes a lot more yarn and will make the shawl warmer and heavier so bare this in mind.


Butterfly Ripple Shawl

This Butterfly shawl really looks like a Butterfly!  If I only knew that this Yarn Cake was going to crochet out like this, I would have used it much earlier! Wow the colors of this Yarn Cake really gives it more of that Butterfly look and feel. Don’t you think?


Butterfly Riptide Shawl

This shawl is shorter than the rest, but if you add one more skein it is adult size, though an adult can wear it as it, will just be shorter. I show an example below.

Butterfly Shawl Crochet Pattern


The Flutterby Effect Butterfly Shawl

I really enjoyed making this one, was sad to see it done lol Really wanted to keep working on it. It’s because it’s sooooo simply to do. It’s just a one row repeat and the design is super easy to do and fun to watch grow and spread out….like wings!


Butterfly Net Shawl – Child Size

My daughter insisted I make her a shawl with a hood instead of just a flap like I did the Bat-terfly Shawl so I got to work.

This shawl reminds me of a net so staying with the theme of the name Butterfly, I went with Butterfly Net Shawl.

Butterfly Shawl Crochet Pattern


Bat-terfly Shawl

Something funny happened when I was crocheting it. When I showed my husband the design he said it looked more like a bat. Then my daughter said it’s a “Bat-terfly” shawl! So this shawl got it’s name before it got very big! As you can see in the picture below, it does look like a bat or moth! But Moth-erfly didn’t sound as good LOL

Butterfly Shawl Crochet Pattern


Emerald Isle Butterfly Shawl

This is an adult size shawl, my daughter is 11 but she still grabbed up the shawl all the same and started wrapping it around herself in many different ways! It can be a dress for her, or a cowl, scarf, a big poncho or even a small poncho!

Butterfly Shawl Crochet Pattern


V stitch Butterfly Shawl

This is the biggest shawl design I’ve made so far. 3 row repeat makes it easy to do too. I designed all adult size shawls to be as simple as I could to repeat so they are fun to make as well!


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