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Crochet Zone Public – A Designers Paradise




Do you like crochet patterns and like to see the newest and best of what’s out there? You’re not alone!


With Facebook not liking outside links to be posted on there platform, they are making it harder and harder for us crochet designers to share our links. They look at it as spam, and to tell the truth most Crochet groups look at it as spam as well.


I have been told many times that you can’t post on the crochet group except on Wednesday or Friday or Monday and it’s just so hard to keep it all straight! So I decided to make a group with the goal in mind to have pattern links free or for sale where designers can post whenever they want, with no fear of offending anyone because the people in the group WANT to see what’s shared.


So I encourage you to come and to share the links posted there and share the group with friends. Come find us at Crochet Zone Public on Facebook.


Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Crochet Zone Public – A Designers Paradise”

  1. Hi Candy, I am a HUGE fan! I’ve searched your site looking for a tutorial for the shawl pictured in the far right of your banner at the top of your website. Do you have that available somewhere by chance? Also, I’m working on the double sided Afghan for my first granddaughter! I wanted to let you know that Alize still makes a lot of variations of the yarn that you used! I had to search high and low, because many versions of their yarn looks similar but have much lighter weights. If you search for “Alize yarn 25% wool SuperLana Klasik” it will narrow the search considerably, and I found it on Amazon. Thanks for all you do!

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