This Free Crochet pattern teaches how to make bottle holder using cotton yarn and diamond mesh with cross stitch double crochet. Fun quick crochet project for summer.


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Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder – Free Crochet Pattern

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For this project you’ll need:

HOOK: 5 mm hook or size H hook for the US

YARN: skeins of cotton, 2 ply US, 5 ply AU

If using 3 colors like shown in this pattern and tutorial, then you will need less than a skein for the main color and small amounts of the other two colors.



ch = chain

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

sk a st = skip a stitch

Beg st = beginning stitch

sl st = slip stitch

* repeat what’s in between for round


Cross stitch = Skip 1 stitch and DC in the next, then back up and DC in the skipped stitch. Here is a tutorial if you need further help





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To start:

ch 3 and sl st in beg ch to form a ring.


Round 1

ch 2 and dc 15 into center of ring. Work over your tail to use it later to close the hole some. Sl st in beg ch 2 to end round (16 sts)


Round 2

ch 2 and dc 1 into same stitch, dc 2 in all sts around (32 sts)


Round 3

ch 2, using back loops only dc 1 in all sts around, sl st in beg ch 2 to end round (32 sts)
Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 1


Round 4

ch 2 and back up and dc in previous stitch to create your first cross stitch. Continue working cross stitches all the way around for this round. See Special stitch above for cross stitch instructions. Sl st in beg ch 2 to end round. You should have 16 cross stitches total.

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 4

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 5

Rounds 5 – 8

Your next 4 rounds will be worked the same way. Ch 2 and DC in the previous stitch. This round you should be working a DC in the DC of one cross stitch and finishing cross stitch by DCing in the DC of the previous cross stitch. This way your cross stitches are running diagonal and not straight up and down. I think it looks so much better this way.


COLOR CHANGES: read note below before starting color changes


Round 5 – I continued with the main color still which was brown \ tan

Round 6 – using black

Round 7 – using teal

Round 8 – using black


NOTE: No need to cut yarn between the black rounds because you will be picking the color back up. I also left my main color connected, only cut your yarn after the teal color on round 7. BE CAREFUL after each color change that you skip over to the correct stitch of the next cross stitch to make your first dc, so that you can finish your cross stitch by Dcing in the previous cross stitch. To keep your cross stitches running diagonal.
Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 7

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 10

Round 9

Switch back to your main color and cut the black and teal colors. Bring your main color back up loosely if it’s still attached and sl it in the black loop and pull black color tight to have the change of color complete.


CH 7, skip 3 sts and sl st into 4th st. Ch 7 again and repeat pattern for rest of round. Sl st in same beginning stitch that you started your 1st ch 7 in.
Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 15

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 16

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 17

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 18


Rounds 10 – 12

sl st up the ch 4 times to bring you up to middle of ch 7, then * ch 7 and sl st in the next ch 7 space * repeat for round. Sl st in the same st where you began your ch 7, in the sl st at the tip where you sl stitched up to.
Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 19

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 20

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 21


Round 13

change to the color black again, ch 1 and sc 3 into the 1st ch 7 and repeat for round sc 3 in each ch 7 space. Sl st in beg ch to end round.

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 22

Round 14

continue with the color black. Ch 2 and then dc in previous stitch to complete your first cross stitch. Repeat your cross stitches for the round as you did before. You should have 12 cross stitches this round.


Round 15

change to teal Ch 2 and then dc in previous stitch to complete your first cross stitch. Repeat your cross stitches for the round as you did before.


Round 16

repeat round 14


Round 17

change back to main color, Ch 2 and then dc in previous stitch to complete your first cross stitch. Repeat your cross stitches for the round as you did before.


Round 18

still with main color, Ch 2 and then dc in previous stitch to complete your first cross stitch. Repeat your cross stitches for the round as you did before.

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 24



Making the Strap


Round 1

Using the main color, ch 1 and sc into same stitch. Sc into the next 5 sts.


Round 2 – ?

ch 1 and turn, sc in all 6 sts.


Repeat round 2 for about 40 to 50 rounds, depending on how long you want your bottle holder strap to be, keep in mind with use this strap will stretch to become longer, so make it shorter than true desired length, so after some use of the bottle holder the strap won’t grow to be to long.
Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 25
When ready to attach strap to other side, turn bottle holder inside out and Go in through the stitch on the strap first, then through the stitch on the bottle holder and either sl st or single crochet sew the 6 stitches onto 6 stitches of the bag holder on other side.
Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder 26



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