This Free Crochet Pattern with Video tutorials will teach you how to make this Crocheted Baby Afghan that’s made of Puff Flowers and connected as you go! I’ll also show you how to crochet and attach the Flower Granny Square.



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Flower Afghan & Grannies Crochet Pattern

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For this project you will need:

HOOK: 5 mm/ H hook and a 4.5 mm / G hook.

YARN: 5 white skeins, 3 variegated skeins, 2 dark purple, 2 medium purple.

Worsted Weight Yarn 4 ply US, 10 ply AU

100 grams / 3.5. oz

240 meters / 262 yards


A tapestry needle

several stitch markers


Another yarn brand with color options



First off make your Puff Flower Heart and 18 Flower Grannies, then lets begin turning it into a baby blanket.


Puff Flower Heart 1 -1


Flower Granny 9 (2)





To begin you will need to make your Puff Flower Heart a square by adding full and half flowers. So grab your 4.5 mm / G hook and lets get started.


This afghan measures 75 cms / 30 inches wide and 92 cms / 36 inches long


Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 29



As you can see in the picture above, there are a total of 14 rows. The heart itself takes up 10 of those rows, with two rows above and below it.


The reason for the size is because we will be adding 6” squares around it, so add no more and use no less than 14 rows.


So begin where your comfortable, start to add the flowers around as you see above, use this picture as a guide.




Note From Designer – 2018

The tutorials for this project were filmed before HD cameras were available to the general public so please excuse the quality. I have been removing a lot of these old videos but I have left this one just because I know this is a difficult pattern and a bad video is still better than none at all. I hope you can get some use out of it still.”


Happy Crocheting!




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1st row: 2 half flowers and 8 full flowers
2nd row: 9 full flowers


This pattern will repeat until all 14 rows are done. Some of the flowers you already have done from making your heart, so just make sure you stay consistent. See below on how to make the half flowers


TIP: Once you have all your full flowers completed for each row, then go back and make your half flowers to flatten out your edges.




Make your flowers the same as before, but starting with the first petal make a connection. As with all the other flowers you should have 4 connections, once you have your 4 connections, sl st into next stitch, ch 1 and cut yarn.


The pictures below are the only exception, these are the corners of the top 1st row. You still will have 4 petals for your half flower, but one petal will not be connected to anything.


Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 1

Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 2




Once your flowers are done, the top of your square should be pretty even, but your sides should look something like this. Now we flatten it out by adding a border!




Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 3

Using your 5mm/ H hook



When I say ch 3 space, I mean the ch 3 to the right or left of the puff st, as the pictures show below.


Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 13

Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 7




When I say Top Puff St I am talking about the stitch left at the top of the puff st as picture shows below.


Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 14



ch = Chain

sl st = Slip Stitch

st = Stitch

sk = Skip

SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

HDC = Half Double Crochet

Repeat what’s in between * for rest of round.





Start at the top left corner, half flower, top petal. We will be working down the left side first.



Do a sc attachment to the ch 3 space of the loose top petal here, then sc 2 more into first petal ch 3 space, (this will be your corner) sc 1 in the next 4 sts.

sc 1 into next petal ch 3 space. Now for the second flower, the full worked flowers are worked as follows.

Dc 2 into first petal ch 3 space, then dc 1 into the stitch in between the petals. Then dc 2 into next petals ch 3 space.

Then sc 1 in ch 3 sp, sc 1 in next 4 sts, sc 1 in ch 3 sp. See how it look in picture below.


Flower Slouch Hat 23 -1


(sc 1 in ch 3 sp, sc 1 in next 4 sts, sc 1 in ch 3 sp)


Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 8 -1


(dc 2 in ch 3 sp, dc 1 middle , dc 2 in ch sp)



So normal pattern will work as follows

sc 3 in ch 3 sp (this will be your corner), sc 1 in next 4, sc 1 in ch 3 sp
*dc 2 in ch 3 sp, dc 1 middle , dc 2 in ch sp
sc 1 in ch 3 sp, sc 1 in next 4 sts, sc 1 in ch 3 sp* Repeat until last flower on this side.






When you get to the last flower (which should be a full flower) Put 2 dc’s into the ch 3 sp of first petal, 1 dc in between the petals, for the top petal you will work 1 sc in the ch 3 space, 1 sc in top puff st and skip the next ch 3 flower space. Then in between the petals do 2 dc’s, ch 1, 2 dc’s all into same stitch, then work a sc into next ch 3 space and 1 sc on top puff connection then sc 1 into next ch 3 petal space.


So pattern for last flower goes as follows:

DC 2 in ch 3 sp, dc 1, sc in ch 3 sp, sc 1, sk a st, ( dc 2, ch 1, dc 2 ) same sp, sc in ch 3 sp, sc 1, sc in ch 3 sp



Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 11








There are 3 petals on each flower, you will be working them as follows.
1 dc in ch 3 space on first petal, the on center petal 1 sc in ch 3 sp, sc in top puff st, sc 1 into ch 3 sp, dc 1 into ch 3 space of last petal.


So pattern will work out as follows

*dc 1, sc 1, sc 1, sc 1, dc 1, * repeat for whole side. See how it looks in picture below.


Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 12 -1



(dc 1, sc 1, sc 1, sc, 1, dc 1)






When you get to the last flower on this row, you work it like this:
dc 1 into ch 3 sp, sc 1 into ch 3 sp, sc 1 into top puff stitch, sc 1 into ch 3 sp, dc 2 in the stitch in between the flowers, ch 1 and dc 2 into same stitch, then next petal work 1 sc into ch 3 space, sc 1 into top puff stitch, sc 1 into next ch 3 sp, dc into next ch 3 space,


Then continue this side as the one you did for the other side border

sc in next ch 3 sp, sc 1 into next 4 sts etc, sc in next ch 3 sp, dc into next ch 3 sp, dc 1 in between petals, dc into next ch 3 sp, etc……



When you get to next corner it should be a half flower, work flower as follows

sc in first ch 3, sc 1 in next 4 sts, sc 3 into next ch 3 space, sc in top puff connection, sc in ch 3 sp, then in last petal, the ch 3 space work a DC, then your on the start of your next flower and side.




Work this side the same as other bottom side.

Dc 1 in next ch 3 sp , sc 1 in ch 3 sp, sc 1 in top puff st, sc 1 in ch 3 sp, dc 1 in ch 3 sp, dc 1 in ch 3 sp, sc 1 in ch 3 sp, sc 1 in top puff st ,sc 1 in ch 3 sp etc……




When you get back up to your last flower, work it as normal, dc in ch 3 sp, sc 1 in ch 3 sp, sc in top puff st, then sl st into that beginning sc attachment that we did.




You should have 3 grannies that fit across the top and 4 grannies that fit across the side, with 4 grannies to fit in each corner.



Combined Granny placement




Start at the top and grab your center piece flower square and 3 grannies that you want at the top. You will need at least 2 marker holders for each granny.

And stretch them all slightly and use the marker to connect the granny to the blanket to hold it in place, if you need to re position them them do so now.

Make sure to keep side grannies as even as you can as shown in first picture below. Then sc them together by putting both sides facing one, good side up, and sc through both of them as show in picture below. Repeat for other 2 grannies.



Markers hold grannys



Use markers to hold grannies in place



Granny connections combined




Holding both sides together evenly, sc then together

Go down each side connecting your grannies this way, 3 on top and bottom, and 4 on the sides.

Once your finished, with your yarn still attached, sc the corner piece. Then ch 1 and cut your yarn, leaving enough yarn to be worked in later with a tapestry needle.

Now leaving yourself some extra tail before making your slip knot (so you can work it in with a tapestry needle later) sc in between the grannies. Ch 1 and again leaving some tail to be worked in later.

Repeat for all corners and grannies until all are sewn together.



Scing them together combined pic



Once done take this time to hide all your tails.






Use 5mm / H hook

First round, choose your color (for mine I choose white) and sc attach it to one of the corners of the blanket, do 2 more sc’s in this same corner st. (From now on all corners will be 3 sc’s into the very corner stitch.)

sc until you get to the stitch right before the granny connection, and do a HDC before and after the connection. As shown below.



Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 27



Repeat this all the way around, remember to put 3 sc’s into each corner stitch. Ch 1, cut yarn. There isn’t a accurate stitch count here because everyone will sew the grannies one a bit different.


For last round, change to another color and do a sc attachment into the corner, and sc 2 more into same st. sc until your reach the granny connection again, this time dc in between then HDC’s, using the back stitch of the connection yarn.


Flower & Granny Baby Blanket 28




It covers the space here and leaves a nice color effect. Repeat for whole round, remembering to sc 3 into very corner space. Ch 1, cut yarn, work in ends.





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