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Crocheted Flower Bookmarker – Free Crochet Pattern

This Free Crocheted Flower Bookmarker pattern teaches how to make to make a Flower Book marker along with how to make a tassel and attach it. This is a great pattern to do in summer! Also who wants to use a boring book marker when you could use a flower!

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Flower Book Marker – Free Crochet Pattern

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Purple Flower Book Marker 600 WM



For this Flower Book Marker project you will need:

HOOK: size 3.5 mm / E hook

Yarn: worsted weight 4ply US (10ply AU)  Two different colors






ch = Chain

sl st = Slip Stitch

st = Stitch

sk = Skip

YO = Yarn Over

sc = Single Crochet

dc = Double Crochet


* = Repeat what is in between the stars for the rest of the row









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PDF Pattern with Pictures

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To Start:
Ch 5 and sl st into beginning ch to form a ring, ch 1



Round 1
DC 15 into center of ring (15 sts) sl st into beginning st and ch 1 Cut Yarn



Round 2
Change to white and CH 2 DC 1 in same space, dc 2 in each st around (30 sts) sl st into beginning st and ch 1 cut yarn.



Round 3
Going around the center post with purple, attach yarn on any center Front post and ch 3, skip a post and ch 3 and sl st onto next post repeat for a total of 8 ch 3 spaces. Cut yarn



Round 4
Fasten your purple yarn to one of the outer ring post and ch 3 skip a post and sl st on to next, repeat, ch 3, skip a post, sl st to next for a total of 15 ch 3 spaces. Cut yarn.


Attach your white yarn to the back bottom of the flower and chain 40 or 45 if yarn is thicker or book your reading is long in length. (This is with regular size paper back in mind.)


and on your 40th ch pull yarn to leave a loop open to attach the tassel to. 











Find something that is flat, or cut a piece of cardboard that measures 8 cms or 3 inches wide to wrap your yarn around.


Holding on to the tail, wrap your yarn around 10 times (5 times if using two strands of yarn) and cut your yarn on the same side where you started. Now same side cut along the wrapped yarn.


Now lay your yarn out flat and cut another piece of yarn, better to be to long than to short, place in the center of the strings of yarn and use it to type them together. Leave this tails at the top as you fold your tails in half.


Now cut another piece of string, again better to have to log than to short, and holding the string with one hand, wrap the yarn around about 4 or 5 times around the top of the tassel to make a head, not to tightly. Tie your string.


Now use your hook to feed these tails through the wrapped string you just tied to make the head.


Attach your original strings to the open chain you left before and tie them all together then feed those tails through the top connection


Cut tail ends to even them out and your done! If you liked that one, take a look at the other book marker patterns.








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