This is my review on Furls Hooks, I hope it helps you make the right decision for yourself if you have been thinking about buying one.


I’ve been seeing these Furls hooks for awhile now, and being that I suffer from carpel tunnel, it has always peaked my interest in maybe giving one of these hooks a try. I have to say though I had my doubts.

I asked them if they would be willing to let me try one and see how it was and if it really did help or not. I even told her that I have carpel tunnel and that I planned to do a true review on it, that it could be a bad review, if it didn’t help me I was going to say it didn’t, because it really means a lot to me to be honest about it because I suffer from problems when crocheting all the time and it effects my work and how much I can work even! She said she wanted me to do a true review and sent me a hook of my choosing in size and color.

It can in the mail in a little black box with instructions on how to take care of the wood. Even a little ball of Ice yarn. Now this picture is of the second one I received, I had to send the first one back, and here’s why.


Furls Hook Display 2


When my first hook arrived and I tried to use it, the neck part of the hook was just way to short and I couldn’t crochet with it at all, was very unhappy about that and told the lady from Furls about it. She quickly put my fears at rest and told me they make longer necked hooks, that if I sent the hook back, she would have another one made with a longer hook and send it back to me.

This picture shows about how short the neck on the first one was:


Furls Hook Display 1 (2)


Every time I tried to grab more yarn to Yarn over, the thicker part of the hook would get stuck in my loop, making it larger and stopping me from grabbing up yarn, not to mention doing any sort of cluster where I had to put many loops on the hook would have been impossible! So I recommend asking for a longer neck hook! But it’s your choice.

I really enjoy the look and feel of the wood, I have never used wood before, it’s not like bamboo. They coat it and it’s smooth and very nice to use. But with wood you must do upkeep every month. The care instructions that come with the hook says:


Every month, take a lint-free cloth and polish your Furls Crochet hook with canola oil. This will protect the wood grain and keep your hook in great condition for years.

If you don’t like wood though they have other alternatives.

I really wanted to use this hook awhile before doing this review, I’ve had it almost a month now. I have made a whole afghan and 3 pillows with it so far and I can truly say I love my Furls Hook and it has helped me be able to crochet for much longer time with less pain. I still have pain in my shoulders, but my hands are fine! So I recommend if you have the same problems as me and like to crochet as much as I do, to invest in at least one hook in the size you use the most and give it a try for yourself.

Furls is giving away a FREE Hook to one one of my readers for doing a review on their hook! So here is your chance to win your very own hook for free!

Here’s how you enter. Comment on this post below and let me know why you want / need a Furls hook or maybe that you have used one in the past and give your on review in a comment. One lucky commenter will win a FREE Furls Hook of your choosing!

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They seem to have updated the Furls hooks to being the same length as I have, so no need to ask for an extension.

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