When I first saw this crochet stitch I thought it was beautiful! So many lacy projects could be made from this filet crochet stitch, I just had to teach it. I really hope you like this stitch as much as I do and you can find many things to make with it. Happy Crocheting!


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Lacy Circles Crochet Stitch – Free Crochet Pattern

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Lacy Circles Crochet Stitch - Free Crochet Pattern



CORRECTION TO PATTERN: Multiples are 9 + 12







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CHART https://goo.gl/4sRSni


For this project you’ll need:

HOOK: What Yarn recommends

YARN: Any Size 


I used a 5 mm or US size H hook and Worsted weight yarn 4 ply US / 10 ply AU



This stitch is done in multiples of 9 + 12


To Start

ch in multiples of 9 until you reach your desired size then ch 12 more and you’re ready to start.


Row 1

Do a dc dec using the 7th and 10th ch. Then * skip 2 chains and work a DC, ch 2, DC in next ch. Skip 2 sts and work a dc dec using the next st, skip 2 chs and then complete your dc dec using the next st. * repeat for row. To end your row, ch 2 and DC in last st. Ch 8 and turn.


Row 2

We’ll be working with your V sts only this row. Find the first * DC of your first V stitch and DC into it. Ch 2, DC in the other dc of your V stitch. CH 5 * Repeat for row. To end your row Dc into the 4th ch of your ending ch 6. CH 3 and turn.


Row 3

sk 2 chs and * V stitch into next. Sk 2 sts and using the dc’s from the V stitch one row down, you will do a dc dec. ch 2, sk 2. * Repeat for row. Dc in top of ch 3 to end your row. Ch 3 and turn.


Row 4

Dc in first *dc of your V st from the previous row, ch 2 and dc in other dc. Ch 5 * repeat for row. DC in ending ch 3 to end your row. Ch 4 and turn


Row 5

*Crochet a dc dec using both dc’s of the V stitch from the previous row., ch 2, V st in next st. ch 2 * repeat for row. To end row ch 2 and DC in top of ending ch 3.


Repeat rows 2 – 5



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Lacy Circles Crochet Stitch - Free Crochet Pattern