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I wanted to take a moment on the blog post this week and share with you this wonderful lady I have met. She’s a patron for my channel and she put in a request on a pattern that you got to see last week, for the Lion Brands Falling Water Shawl, and from that we started talking to one another. It turns out she has a heck of a story herself on how she became a crocheter and how it’s healing her and she has her own website she’s been starting! So lucky me, I get to share this lovely lady with all of you too! I asked her to write a post that she could share some of the things she’s been doing and what her plans are for the future. So without further ado (drum roll) Susan Nash!!!




Hi, I’m Susan Nash, of Soulshine Creations By Susan, aka Crochet By Susan’s Soul Shines . I’d like to thank Candy for mentioning my new 6 month old blog on her site, it really means a lot to me for her to do that. I tell my complete story of why and how I began to crochet on my ‘about’ page of my blog. You’ll learn how I got my business name. All the social sites I’m on & how to reach me are on my blog’s ‘contact’ page.

I won’t go into it here, hopefully you’ll read it in my blog. I will say that crochet has changed my life in many ways. I do hope you’ll read it because I feel I have an interesting story to tell that others might benefit from.

Like most of you crochet lovers, I’m fully hooked & here love this wonderful craft. I’m not a very experienced crocheter yet, but I’ve done very well so far and am having a blast! My blog is a little different than most, but we’re all in it for the same main goal. I’ve bookmarked literally hundreds of sites that can help me and others learn to crochet or improve our skills.

I gather and post information that teaches new techniques, stitch methods, tips and ideas, post patterns from beginner to advanced, and anything else my subscribers want. I’m self taught, as many are, but now I’m going back to learn all of the specifics that I didn’t get when I first learned.

My goal was to help others learn while I continue to learn as well, and to inspire those who might not think they can crochet for whatever of many reasons. If I can learn and do what I’m doing here, anyone can. Based on the heartfelt and encouraging feedback I’m getting, I’m achieving my goal, and that keeps me going.

For now I’m more than happy to crochet, learn more about it, improve my skills, write more patterns, and publish my blog. When I first started my blog, I didn’t even know how to load videos into the software, but I’ve come a long way!

Here are the two patterns I’ve written so far: The Hooded Cowl,


and Ice Blue Ribbed Headband:

My 1st blog post link is: This is where you’ll learn about me and why I really needed crochet in my life, and how it helped more than I ever dreamed it would!

My beginner lessons start around post 3 or 4, and the 1st few tell about me and my home state of South Carolina so that my readers can know more about me. I like that aspect and apparently the readers do too.

The post before the Ice blue Headband tells about the Flamies, the Crochet Awards of the Flaming hook, which is very cool to have that back after two years:

On every post I show my recent WIP or finished work and post the video or link I made it from. I also feature one of my subscribers on a post when I can. The blog is easy to navigate so I hope you’ll look into some of my posts and like what you see.




I’ve already broadcast this to my followers… for the new year I’m starting ‘Friday Flowers’, in which I post 2 flower patterns every Friday, and hopefully the subscribers will make as many of them as they can, because goodness knows we all need lots of flower patterns…. I have tons at my disposal! Any time someone has made one or more flowers, I want them to email it to me so I can post them.

I really hope you check her out and get to know her and her work, she’s just starting out like many of you have contemplated doing. I say go for it! Follow your dreams and let you heart be your guide!


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