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Meladora’s Double Crossover Stitch

Crossover stitch for beginners

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This crochet stitch can be done using any size hook  and yarn, but best worked with thinner ply rather than thicker


The Tutorial for Meladora’s Double Crossover Stitch

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This is done using multiples of 3

Double crochet using the back loop only into the next three stitches. (see picture below)

Then using the front loops of the three double crochets you just made, work one dc in each front stitch, starting with the front of the first dc that you did. (see pictures below)


Ruffle Skirt 25


Now if you want to make a very condensed ruffle, for example You’re only planning one making one or two rows, then the first row of this stitch should be done without skipping any stitches for the first round at least. But for the second round I recommend, skipping two stitches in between your Double Crochet Crossover Stitches as show below:

Ruffle Skirt 1



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