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My patterns are still copyrighted and are my property so it’s illegal to try and sell my patterns or post them on your page. They are for person use only.  


5 Book Markers Pattern

6 Scrunchies Patterns

Angel Stitch Finger less Gloves

Angel Stitch Scarf Pattern

Angel Stitch Slouchy Beanie

Bangle Pattern

Basic Amigurumi Doll Body

Basket Weave Granny Afghan

Basket Weave Granny Square

Bean Stitch

Bean Stitch Beanie

Bean Stitch Coasters

Bean Stitch Purse

Beginner Crochet Hobo Bag


Birds of a Feather Beanie

Birds of a Feather Finger less Gloves

Birds of a Feather Scarf

Birds of a Feather Slouch Hat

Black Berry Lace Scarf

Bow on a Rubber band

Brick Stitch Finger less Gloves

Bumpy Bear Beanie

Bunny Egg Cozy

Butterfly Stitch Beanie

Butterfly Stitch Finger less Gloves

Butterfly Stitch Circular Jacket Pattern

Butterfly Stitch Scarf

Butterfly Stitch Slouch Hat

Brick Stitch Finger less Gloves


Chunky Beret

Cluster beanie

Cluster granny Square

Cluster Stitch Scarf

Cluster Stitch Slouch Hat

Crochet Envelope

Crochet Flower Sunhat

Crocheted Flower Dress

Crocheted Flower Purse

Crocodile Stitch Draw Bag

Crocodile Stitch Finger less Gloves

Crocodile Stitch Shawl


Daisy Flower

Daisy Rug

Diagonal Spike Stitch

Diamond Lace Afghan

Diamond Stitch

Dimension Stitch Beanie

Divine Flower

Draw String Bag

Elegant Baby Blanket

Fans in a Row Lacy Shawl

Flat Rose Flower

Flower & Granny Baby Blanket

Flower Barrette Pattern

Flower Cell Phone Holder

Flower Doily and Coaster

Flower Granny Square Pattern

Flower Head Band

Flower Necklace Scarf

Flower Slouch Hat

Flower Spiral Motif

Fleur de lis Crochet Stitch 

Fleur De Lis Winter Dress

Glover Stitch Baby Blanket

Granny Square Spinning Dress 

Granny Tears Scarf

Grit Stitch Pattern

Hair Bun

Halloween Ghost Decoration Pattern

Hexagon Baby Blanket

Infinity Scarf

Interweave Cable Stitch

Interweave Cable Stitch Slouch Hat

In Stitches Crochet Top

Lacy Arrow Cardigan

Lacy Ripple Stitch

Lacy Ripple Child Cape

Lacy Flower Shawl

Lacy Summer Top

Lacy Zig Zag Ripple Stitch

Large Sunflower Pillow

Loofah, Washrag, Soap Saver

Loopy Rug


Mesh Stitch Slouch Hat

Mesh Tote

Mesh Twirly Head Cover

Moss Hat Beanie

Moss Stitch Finger less Gloves

Moss Stitch Slouch Hat

Offset Shell Shawl

Petite Flower Headband

Petite Little Flower with Leaves

Pineapple Lace Shawl Crochet pattern

Popcorn Granny Square

Popcorn stitch in Rows & in the Round

Pot Holders – Thick Crochet Mesh

Puff Stitch Flower Scarf


Raspberry Stitch Beanie

Raspberry Stitch Finger Less Gloves

Raspberry Stitch

Red Riding Hood Cape and Hood

Reversible Scarf

Ripple Wave Beanie

Ripple V Stitch Afghan

Riptide Beanie

Riptide Child Leggings

Riptide Hooded Cowl

Riptide Scarf

Riptide Slouch Hat


Royal Lace Vest – Free Crochet Pattern

Ruffle Bag

Ruffle Cell Phone Holder

Ruffle Skirt


Scale and Shell Bag


Shaggy Scrunchie

Simple Booty

Shadow Scoodie Pattern

Shadow Tracery Stitch Pattern

Slouchy Beret

Spongebob Hat

Square Sun Lacy Crochet Shawl

Squiggly Slouch Hat

Star Fish Stitch Scarf

Star Fish Stitch Slouch Hat

Sunflower Flower

Sunflower Granny Square

Sunflower Granny Sweater

The Woven Shell Stitch

Thick Mesh Slouch Hat – Revised Pattern

Thick Mesh Beanie

Thick Mesh Slouch Hat

Thick Mesh Square Hat

Tiny Hat Barrette

Twisted Loop Scarf

Wavy Stitch Beanie

Wavy Stitch Handbag

Wavy Stitch Slouch Hat

Wedge Stitch Pattern

Winsome Poncho

Zig Zag Puff Stitch Pattern

Zig Zag Beanie Pattern

Zig Zag Puff Stitch Finger Less Gloves


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