Pocket Crochet Ideas – Great crochet Summer Projects

There is so many things you can make using this crochet technique. From bags to potholders to booties, it’s definitely something you want to learn if you’re serious about improving your skills form just basic stitches.   Greetings Ya’ll! Hope everyone had a good Easter and Passover Holiday! You haven’t heard much from me during … Read more

How to make a Tassel & Attach it

  How to make a Tassel from yarn & Attach it   Get a small book or card board about 3 inches wide. I used my child’s Tablet and wrapped my yarn around 20 times. Then cut your yarn making strips of yarn again. Cut a piece to bundle them all together in the center … Read more

Meet PURL – Pixar Animation

    Since Pixar’s Annoucement of there New Short Film Program called Sparkshorts they’ve released 3 new shorts called Purl, Smash and Grab and Kitbull.   The animation called Purl (yes a knitting term) is a heartfelt one, but one I think we can all relate to on some level. The fact that she’s a … Read more