Crochet Pot Holder and Hot Pad Pattern – Diamond Crochet Pot holder – Free Crochet pattern

By |2021-10-09T13:57:56+00:00July 28, 2020|Crochet for the Home, Kitchen|

  I love these Diamond Crocheted Pot Holders and crocheted Hot Pad because they are so easy to make and are great for a quick crochet project or gift. Plus [...]

Crochet Toilet Paper Roll Cover – Free Crochet Pattern and video tutorial

By |2021-10-19T05:44:21+00:00February 16, 2020|Bathroom, Crochet for the Home, Flowers, Flowers & Grannies, Holiday Crochet, Valentine|

This Toilet Paper Roll Crochet pattern came about because my kids are to short to reach the only cabinet in the bathroom that's above the toilet so I had to [...]

10 Quick to Crochet Scarves – Free Crochet Pattern link Blast

By |2021-10-09T16:04:42+00:00February 8, 2020|Lacy Scarves, Round Up's, Scarves, Scarves for Men|

  Here are 10 Quick Scarf Crochet Patterns that are quick to crochet in a night or two. These quick scarves are great for making a quick gift. Some one [...]

Crochet Sideways Beanie – Starfish Crochet Stitch – Free Crochet pattern

By |2021-10-19T05:51:33+00:00December 28, 2019|Beanies, Crochet for Children, Crochet Hats, Crochet To Wear, Slouch hats|

Either Crochet Sideways Beanie are easy to make. Be sure to follow along with the pattern as you watch the Crochet Sideways Beanie tutorials to get extra help with them. [...]

Crochet Sideways Beanie – Basket Weave Stitch – Free Crochet pattern

By |2021-10-19T05:53:07+00:00December 20, 2019|Beanies, Crochet for Children, Crochet Hats, Crochet To Wear, Slouch hats|

This crocheted Basket Weave Sideways crochet Beanie was created to help anyone who has trouble crocheting in the round. Create your beanie in rows instead.   I came up with [...]

Crochet Baby Blanket – Marshmallow Baby Blanket – Free Crochet pattern

By |2021-10-19T06:03:35+00:00October 30, 2019|Afghans & Baby Blankets, Baby Blankets, Crochet for the Home|

This Crochet Baby Blanket pattern came after the release of the Butterfly Riptide Shawl because  I had many requests asking me if it could be turned into an afghan. So [...]

Crochet Star Afghan – 8 point Star Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern

By |2021-10-19T06:26:54+00:00June 4, 2019|Afghans & Baby Blankets, Baby Blankets, Full size|

There are lots of Crochet Star Afghan patterns out there but this Star afghan is also a shawl design too! I used this pattern to create the Bat-terfly butterfly shawl [...]

Crochet Flower Coaster – Free Crochet Pattern

By |2021-10-19T06:30:25+00:00May 8, 2019|Crochet For Beginners, Crochet for the Home, Living room|

  This Crochet Flower Coaster lesson for the beginner crocheter that's looking for a slightly harder project. It's great a great crochet scrap yarn project and also they make quick [...]

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