This crochet pattern is a long time coming. If you found me in 2013 there’s a chance you remember the Twisted Loop Stitch video tutorial I did. I had a few people on Facebook comment that it would make a great stitch for a rug, and they are right! Only there’s a small flaw in the use of this stitch……continue reading below pattern.


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Loopy Rug– Free Crochet pattern, pictorial and video tutorial

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ch = Chain

sl st = Slip Stitch

st = Stitch

sk = Skip

dc = Double Crochet

DCFS = Double Crochet Foundation Stitch

Repeat what’s in between * for rest of round.


For this project you’ll need:

HOOK: 5 mm \ H hook

YARN: medium 4 worsted weight yarn \ Aran 10 ply

  • Rubber mat to sewn onto.
  • Plastic Thread / or you can use the same yarn you used to make the rug.
  • Tapestry needle and scissors


I was able to find the rubber like roll and the plastic like thread at the craft store.


It looks like the rubber mat was meant to be used in drawers or to be a water proof bottom of a rack.


I liked it because it has a good non slick surface.


It grips.


And still soft and thin enough to get a tapestry needle through it.



The thread should be easy to find. Here’s a closer look.



It’s just thin and plastic like. I used it because it’s strong and water proof.


The yarn I used for the Variegated yarn is Alize batik color 4276 lot 890330 You can find it here It’s the second color over. I used 2 skeins of yarn to make the smaller one, and 5 skeins to make the second longer rug. Both rugs I began the same.




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For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
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Row 1

Crochet 55 DCFS’s. Ch 7 and turn



Row 2

Sl st onto the post of the 2nd DC of row. * Ch 7, sl st on the post of the next DC *



Row 3

CH 3 and turn, the ch 3 does count as the 1st st. Dc in 2nd st of row. *DC 1 in each DC’s from row 1. (Never dc on the ch 7’s. ) when you reach the end of your row. CH 7 (be sure to count your stitches after this row)

Repeat rows 2 & 3


Pictures are read left to right



Okay, what I wanted to say before is….I made sure to count my stitches after each DC row but I think the simple fact that you sl st your ch 7 on the 2nd st of row that causes it to pull slightly in the corners.


I made 2 sizes and on both of them they had it pull in the corners a bit. Both rugs I began with 55 double crochet foundation stitches.



But the rug is so beautiful and soft, that I didn’t let that bother me. I just did my best to make sure it was straight as I added the bottom rubber to the rug.


The first one I made was the smaller variegated one.


I rolled out my rubber mat and laid the rug on top.



You don’t want the rubber mat to show so you have to cut it a bit smaller than the rug.



You also want to start sewing in about a half in into the rubber mat. Be sure your lines are flat across as you sewn. Will help it to remain straight.



To secure your yarn to start, just come up through the bottom and back out a few centimeters away. Then tie a knot.



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