November 15th is National Recycling Day and it gave me the idea to search for ways to use crochet to recycle old items that you might otherwise have throw out.

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Happy Crochet Recycling Day Everybody!





10 Ways to Recycle with Crochet

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    1. How to make an outfit using old jeans
    2. Learn to Cut Sheet Yarn in One Long Strip
    3. How to make Yarn Hangers
    4. How to Recycle Yarn from a Thrift-Store Sweater
    5. Another way to crochet with Recycled T-Shirts
    6. Crocheting on Plastic
    7. Crocheting a Lampshade
    8. How to and Tips to crocheting a Rug
    9. How to crochet a Coil rug
    10. How to Crochet on Fabric

Here’s an extra one for you! # 11

How to Make Plarn (Plastic Bag Yarn)





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