Feather Butterfly Shawl – Free Crochet pattern

The Feather Buttery Shawl is the 10th Butterfly shawl in the series. This one has the butterfly theme as it’s stitch. A shawl made of butterflies! Bunches of little butterflies! The end result looks like feathers, so this is why I called this one the Feather Butterfly Shawl. For the pattern I am referring to … Read more

Crochet Serape Poncho – Free Crochet Pattern

This Crochet Serape Poncho I crocheted for my husband after the first poncho I made was a bit to small for him. My son ended up wanted it so it’s his now. I made it from my Reverb Granny square and you can find that pattern over “Reverb Granny Square Poncho”. Hubby made it clear … Read more

Tube Poncho with Cowl Hood Crochet Pattern

I always wanted to crochet a poncho with a cowl that also could be pulled up and used as a hood. So I did it! I was going through a bout of depression and needed a project to keep my mind and hands busy. I did take quick notes just incase it came out perfect … Read more

Star Fish Pocket Shawl – Free Crochet pattern

My and my daughter love the idea of the Crochet Pocket shawl! I decided to make my daughter’s Pocket Shawl with a cable style. Sorta like the one I made myself, “the Cable pocket shawl” because my daughter liked mine so much. But I decided for hers I went with more of a basic row … Read more

10 Free Crochet Pocket Shawls – Crochet Link Blast

Have you crocheted a Pocket Shawl yet? Maybe you have and are now looking for another style in a pocket shawl? I’ve gathered a few different kinds for you to choose from. From lacy to tighter stitches, from Pocket Shawls crocheted long ways or width ways and they’re all free crochet patterns. Happy Crocheting!   … Read more