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Flower Garden combined 500 WM



My daughter came home the other day from grandma’s and they had made the cutest thing and I just had to share it with you!




Egg Cart Flower Field 2

They may it from colored paper, glue, paints and an egg carton.


Egg Cart Flower Field 3



Her grandmother teaches an art class in several places around the city, she’s a very talented lady and Lilly just loves to go over to grandma’s to do art, she really has a knack for it. It’s great that she has people in her life to inspire her. She is now learning to crochet! It’s slow going but she’s getting there!



Egg Cart Flower Field 4 (350)



I wasn’t there with them when they made it but I took lots of pictures in hopes that if this is something you enjoy, then it could be a fun project to do with your own kids or grand kids, so please share this page with the craft lovers in your own circle.





Egg Cart Flower Field 6


Egg Cart Flower Field 7


Egg Cart Flower Field 8


Egg Cart Flower Field 10



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