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Colored Paper Flower Garden Art – Fun Activity to do with your kids


Colored Paper Flower Garden Art – Fun Activity to do with your kids

Do you love flowers? Well how about making a paper flower garden? It’s a perfect project to do with your kids! Just takes a bit of colored paper and an 30 piece egg carton.



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My daughter came home the other day from grandma’s and they had made the cutest thing and I just had to share it with you!




Egg Cart Flower Field 2


They made it from colored paper, glue, paint and an egg carton.


Egg Cart Flower Field 3



Her grandmother teaches an art class in several places around the city, she’s a very talented lady and Lilly just loves to go over to grandma’s to do art, she really has a knack for it. It’s great that she has people in her life to inspire her. She is now learning to crochet! It’s slow going but she’s getting there!



Egg Cart Flower Field 4 (350)




First they cut out the flowers. Two different size circle using 4 different colors of colored paper and cut slits into them to make the petals.



Egg Cart Flower Field 6



Then you spray paint or use acrylic paint to color the egg carton. They used black to really make the flowers pop!



Egg Cart Flower Field 7


Then color on 2 sheets of the green paper with a green crayon and then cut those in to equal strips but only cut down half way down the paper.


Egg Cart Flower Field 8


Get a second sheet of yellow paper and color the outside with a tan or brown crayon. Cut slits on the bottom to give it a look of roots and you will use these flaps to glue it to the egg carton base.

Fold this in half for strength and so that it only covers half of the tree.

Then roll up both together now, green in the middle with the yellow on the outside and glue it all together. It’s best to do this with a hot glue gun.

Use the Glue gun to attach all your flowers together and also to the egg carton.


Egg Cart Flower Field 10


Attach a few flowers on the tree too if you like.

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