This Free Crochet pattern teaches how to work in the round without leaving that big hole at the end of a round. Please enjoy this Invisible Seam Crochet pattern and tutorial!


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The Invisible Seam – Free Crochet Pattern

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It’s very easy to make an Invisible Seam. If you’ve ever made a hat before and know how to increase in the round, then you’ll know that every round you do increases as you make each round bigger. Most patterns start with 6 to 12 stitches worked in a ring and doubled to 12 to 24 the next round, and then continues as you increase, adding 6 to 12 stitches more per round which usually gives you a space between the first ch and the last stitch worked.



This is how you prevent this. All you need to do is instead of starting the round with on an increase, start with a single stitch first. That way you’ll be ending on an increase. Ending on an increase pushes your ending stitch closer to the beginning stitch, closing the gap and making it harder to see the space.


Invisible Seam 1



Then when you reach the end of the round. Slip stitch in the first Double crochet and NOT the chain.



Invisible Seam 2




From now on crochet 1 DC in the first stitch and never an increase. So for example the pattern tells you “DC 2 in beginning st, DC 1 in the next” repeat for round. What you would do instead would be to DC only 1 in the beginning stitch and then DC 2 in the second.




Invisible Seam 4



Doing this you will always end the round on an increase instead of a single stitch.



Invisible Seam 6



And then you will have no more spaces between the start and end of a row!



Invisible seam close up 400






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