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Meladora’s Blog Post # 10 – In Bloom CAL

Hello everyone! I hope everything is going well with you and your family and all are safe and well.

Glad to say mine are and I’m happy to be bringing you pictures of a pillow I made using Mijo Crochet‘s – In Bloom CAL .




Some of you might remember the posts on Facebook a few months back, as I shared pictures of it as I was crocheting it. Well I finally finished it! I didn’t complete the full pattern though, I stopped short because the pillow was just getting to big.





I love it though! We have a couch that sits sideways facing the couch, and we use it as a lean on as we relax there, makes it much more comfortable! Not to mention it adds such beauty to the room.





Some of you may be thinking… I over stuffed the pillow, but I really wanted it to be able to take some weight. My kids love throwing it on the floor and throwing themselves onto it to hug it. Always brings a smile to my face.





I used the In Bloom video tutorials and they were so well done and super easy to follow. She really takes her time and makes sure her point is clear. I just know anyone can do this design if they want to. Go to her site to see this pillow in other colors.


This pillow is made in one continuous square, then you fold each corner back and sewn them together. Even though I didn’t finish the pillow, I think the X look on the back looks great! I’m really happy with the way it turned out. What do you think?






I really hope you’ll try this one. This would even make an awesome gift for someone you know. If someone gave me this as a gift I would be amazed and happy to receive it! Wouldn’t you? Lol


Pattern | https://goo.gl/3EhhbV


Video Tutorials | https://goo.gl/qDwgFg


Happy Crocheting!



Here’s a fun video showing you more pictures from this pattern.




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