I haven’t done a blog post in awhile, but when I saw this yarn at the store I just HAD to share it!


Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn




It’s by Artland yarn company, here in Israel. I tried to contact them about maybe working with a YouTuber such as myself (hoping to get a deal for you guys!) and they responded that “ We are looking for importers, we are trying to sell wholesaler so we don’t have a shop by our own”


Their English isn’t the best, but I got the point. They don’t have an actual shop. They make and sell the yarns wholesale to the yarn shops in Israel and in other countries I imagine. Just anyone who wants to buy wholesale. So just pointing it out to you, if you wanted to get your hands and hooks on some of this yarn, you’ll have to bother Redheart, Yarnspirations, your local yarn store or whoever buys yarn wholesale. Have them contact these guys!


They are on Facebook:

Artland @artland.ltd



Maybe you can find some in your local yarn shop like I did. They had this basket just sitting on the counter when I came in the store.


Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn

And there was this little hotpad underneath the basket. It’s made with the same yarn using two different colors.

Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn


I thought to myself that looks so cool! On closer inspection I could see that it looked like the T – Shirt yarn but covered in some kind of netting. I asked her “Where is more of this yarn?! And she pointed to the shelf behind me.

Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn


At first glance the yarn skeins look small….and expensive compared to regular yarn. Not to surprising with so much material in one place, the weight of 250 grams goes fast.


Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn

Recycled 100% cotton and wrapped with polyester. 250G ball.


Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn


It feels tough, it’s not a wimpy yarn! It’s not soft to the touch, it does feel like netting, but it is net. This is not anything you would make a baby blanket out of. But WOW does it have a cool effect! I asked the lady “How many skeins does it take to make that little basket?” She said just one. I grabbed 2 skeins because I was planning on making my basket bigger. I got 1 blue and 1 turquoise.


Since picking up everything and moving to Israel I haven’t had a place to sit my crochet projects in as I worked on them….I used to have one that my mom gave me and I used it the whole time I was crocheting. Even when I moved out to get married I took it with me, but now in Israel I have just been using plastic bags.


So I made myself this! It’s so nice to have a basket again and woah what a basket!

Pattern is at the bottom of this page.


Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn


What do you think? I knew I wouldn’t have enough of one color to make the whole thing, so I started with the blue and created the bottom.

Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn


Then once I started on the side portion of the basket, I switched to the turquoise. I had a bit of the blue left over so after I crocheted until there was no more turquoise yarn left, I switched back to the blue and made the handles. It’s not perfect but it’s functional!


Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn


The hubby saw it and said wow! So I knew it was a hit, at least with me and him 🙂


I have a great idea to use these big holes between the stitches to hold several colors separated at a time. Like the ones they sell on amazon.


Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn


I am excited to have a basket to keep my projects in now, no more plastic bags for this crocheter!


Here’s the crochet pattern if you’re interested! I am going off memory, I didn’t originally plan to share a pattern. But this is what I remember. 


To Start – with the blue

Ch 2, sc 6 into the 1st ch. I marked the first stitch and continued in one continuous round.


Round 1

Sc 2 in all 6 stitch around. (12 sts)


Round 2

sc 1 in next stitch, sc 2 in next st. (18)


Round 3

sc 1 in the next 2 sts, then sc 2 in the next stitch. (24)


Rounds 4 – 6

I crocheted 1 sc in the next 5 sts and sc 2 in the 6th.


Round 7

I put 1 sc in all back stitches all the way around.


Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn


Rounds 8 – 18 – with the turquoise

Put 1 sc in all sts around.


Round 19 – with the blue

I single crocheted about 10 stitches, just to get away from the beginning connection a bit, then started to single crochet foundation stitch (if you don’t know how to do a single crochet foundation stitch, then see video tutorial below) until I had 10 foundation stitches, then I skipped 7 sts on my basket row and single crocheted in my 8th st over to connect my handle.


Then I winged it until I reached the equal part of the bag, on the opposite side, and did my single crochet foundation stitch again to complete my other handle. Then I finished single crocheting to end my row.


If you don’t know how to single crochet foundation stitch, here is a video that I hope will help you learn it. It’s a very good skill to learn in crochet!


Single Crochet Foundation Stitch Tutorial



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Round 20

I single crocheted all round. Single crochet over the stitches on your handle as well.


That’s it! After that my yarn was finished. I had fun! I made this basket in an hour and a half.


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Meladora's Creations - Crochet Blog Post #9 - Artland Yarn