I don’t know if you know this, but I took a little over a year off back in 2016 to focus on another YouTube channel with the hubby. During this time I was just teaching Crochet stitches that I found from graphs mostly. 


In the past I had been asked many times to translate a chart into a pattern or tutorial. I now have over 100 stitch tutorials on my channel. All have video tutorials and some have patterns. But I’ve been slowly updating them with patterns.



Until then here are the stitches in categories to help you save them for later.


Lacy \ Summer Stitches


Crochet Stitch Pattern




Warm \ Winter Stitches


Crochet Stitch Pattern



Ripple Stitches


Crochet Stitch Pattern



Filet Crochet


Crochet Stitch Pattern



Beginner stitches and Techniques


Crochet Stitch Pattern








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