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Popcorn Granny Square Rug – Blog Post

Here’s a fun idea for the bathroom. The Popcorn Granny Square Rug. Add some beauty to your life and home. The colors can be made to match your room colors.

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Popcorn Granny Square Rug – Free Crochet Pattern

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I made this rug to replace the last one I used to have in my bathroom. You may remember it, if not here’s a reminder The Daisy Rug ( Pattern and tutorial here )

Daisy ruf display 600 WM

Hubby forgot it was in the wash and washed it in too hot of water and needless to say it’s days were through. So I needed a quick replacement with winter coming, to help save all our feet from freezing when duty called, so I made this new rug! I still had this square left over from when I did my tutorial on The Popcorn Granny Square ( Pattern and tutorial here ) This granny can also be found in the Popcorn Tote Bag

Here’s that square: I know it’s hard to see but it’s light brown, yellow and green.

Small Display pic Popcorn granny 2

I rummaged through my stash and found less than a skein of each color that matched these colors. And started to see how many squares I could get out of it.

Turns out I could make 11 and the old one in storage became my 12th. I would usually prefer to make something bigger, but was a great way to use up some scrap yarn. I wasn’t doing anything with anyway.

Popcorn Granny Square 27

I used the single crochet method of sewing my squares together, because I just love the raised textured look it leaves behind. Really has strength and texture. Also another way to add color.

Popcorn Granny Square 28

It’s the same method I used to sew my Basket Weave Granny Afghan together, so if you wanna check out that tutorial and pattern it will show you how. Find it here.

Popcorn Granny Square 29
Popcorn Granny Square 30

I just love that texture!

Popcorn Granny Square 31

When I had all my grannies sewn together I created a border using the same light brown color and worked a * Single Crochet, chain 3, skip a stitch * Repeated all the way around.

Popcorn Granny Square 33

I really hope you like the colors and the idea. If you do please leave a comment below and tell me what you think! Happy Crocheting!!


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