Simple Crochet Booties – Color ideas

Funny thing happened the other day. I went to warm up some soup for my daughter and somehow tripped on the way to the microwave spilling most of it’s contents on the floor and on one of my booties!


So into the wash it went. While it was in the wash I only had 1 booty to wear. My other foot was cold so I went to grab some yarn. I decided to use a couple of colors that I probably would never use in a future project. I usually do this when making booties for myself. It’s a great way to use up my stash.


Since the booties are made using two skeins at the same time, I’ve used different combinations of colors for my two skeins. A solid color and a variegated color, or two solid colors of two different colors. But I’ve never used 2 skeins of variegated yarn!






But these two skeins I grabbed were really awful and I had only enough to make one booty, but it’s all I needed at the time. (Sorry I only had papers on one of these skeins) 







Crochet Booties Pattern



I didn’t expect it to come out the way it did! It’s like it was changing every few rows! It looked so cool that I had to try it with more of a darker color with a lighter color, both sharing at least one color and this is how it came out.




Crochet Booties Pattern


Crochet Booties Pattern




Then I decided to try two vastly different colors and wow I like it the best!


Crochet Booties Pattern




These are ones I finished in the video tutorial.


Crochet Booties Pattern




I hope you will grab a few skeins of variegated yarn and try it out yourself. Good luck! Would love to see any colors combos you come up with. Please share pictures over on the group on Facebook.



Find the updated pattern and tutorials at the old link here:

Simple Crocheted Booties Pattern & Tutorial






Crochet Booties Pattern




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