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Toilet Paper Roll Art Piece – Blog Post #3

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Toilet Paper Roll Art Piece – Blog Post #3

My mother in law is a artist of sorts and she and my daughter Lilly created a few pieces of art out of the cardboard rolls they use in the center of a toilet paper rolls. Well months later Lilly gets in the mood to make another one. So she has me start to collect and not throw away the rolls, and save them for her instead. So of course I did. I cut the pieces like so…

Toliet paper roll art display pic
Toliet Roll Motif 13
Toliet Roll Motif 14
Toliet Roll Motif 15

And with a little paint and glue she got to work. I got the 3 prime colors, red, blue and yellow so we could create any colors we wanted, and also black and white, and purple just because she LOVES purple.

Toliet Roll Motif 16

When Lilly first started, she picked purple and was planning on making all the pieces purple, all on color, just like her grandma had. But I told her, why don’t we make several colors and make a pattern? I love flowers so I made this our center.

We colored 6 white, 6 green, she already had 24 purple ones, and 12 blue ones.


I set them out in this pattern:

Toliet Roll Motif 17

We both really liked it, I thought to add a bit more color for the center of the flower. I had thought about cutting the roll to be smaller and stuff it in the middle of the flower, but changed my mind and decided to create a bit of 3D to it.

Once I had the pieces laid out where we were both happy I started to glue the pieces together.

Toliet Roll Motif 18

As I started working I realized I could just dip the paint brush right into the glue bottle, but the bowl was pretty easy to clean up too, I just let the glue dry and pealed it right out of the bowl.

Toliet Roll Motif 25
Toliet Roll Motif 19
Toliet Roll Motif 21
Toliet Roll Motif 20
Toliet Roll Motif 22

I used clothes pins to hold the pieces in place until they dried completely.

Next we colored 24 red pieces and set them into place as so.

Toliet Roll Motif 23
Toliet Roll Motif 1

Then we colored 18 pieces yellow. The red piece placement were my idea, then Lilly came along and added the yellow pieces into it. I love how she made the yellow rounder to fit into place like she did.

Toliet Roll Motif 3

If you flip this in your mind it almost looks like a yellow flower with blue leaves. Also makes me wish we would have used green here too, would have made the flowers stick out a bot more, but then again I really love that blue color!

Toliet Roll Motif 4
Toliet Roll Motif 7

We really had a lot of fun doing this project together. We ran our of paper rolls and would just wait until we got more, so this project took us a couple weeks to complete.

Toliet Roll Motif 9

And she loves the finished product that hangs about her bed and adds so much color into her room.

Another quick project I used these for was a center piece for the coffee table. I colored a flower just like the center of my daughters piece, but added leaves around it and a purple candle in the middle.

Toliet Roll Candle

Also used Glitter paint to add a touch of sparkle!


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