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Toilet Paper Christmas Wreath – Blog Post #5

Hi friends! As you know from the previous Blog post, it’s so hard to find anything Christmas related out here in Israel and Christmas just wouldn’t seem complete without a wreath. So me and Lilly took to collecting more rolls from friends and got to work painting. Took 36 rolls in all.


Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 15



I knew it would take a lot of green paint, so mixing the green this time wouldn’t work, because I would have to keep mixing new paint through the week and it might turn out to be a different shade. So I decided to buy a green. They didn’t have dark green like I wanted but I found a shade that would work.

Little did I know, because I can’t read Hebrew, that I bought water color! Eeck, it wasn’t taking so well the first time, so we had to give everything 2 coats. But the end result left us with a kinda marble look, which was even better looking I think!

More painting, better looking, and more time with the family. Win win and win!



Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 1


Hardest part was doing it a little bit at a time and waiting for it to dry.


Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 2


But day by day….


Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 3


It grew.


Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 5


Until the last bit was together!

Then I had to make a bow!



Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 8 - 1


I ended up using this bow method. Check out the video tutorial HERE


Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 11

Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 12 Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 13 Toliet Paper Roll Wreath - 14


Once again I was so happy to bring a Christmas item to the house and to share the time with my kids in the process. I really hoped you enjoyed seeing it. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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