The trick to making a good mile a minute afghan is sewing it together straight.


So a tip is to measure your second strip to the first strip you make. Keep in mind that the second strip piece may be slightly larger because it was just freshly crocheted and has not had the same time to rest as the first piece.


Be sure to lay the strips side by side and using this method as shown in this video connect the pieces. Using this way of holding your pieces will help you to sew your pieces together straight, as you sew from stitch marker to stitch marker. Make any adjustments along the way that you may need to ensure your pieces are sewn together evenly.


I always prefer the Single crochet method of sewing because it adds texture in between the connected pieces, plus it will never come loose! Also you can use another color to sewn and add more color to the project!


I hope this information helps you give this fun way of making an afghan a try!

Happy Crocheting!



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