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Butterfly Stitch Circular Jacket – Free Crochet Pattern


This Free Crochet pattern teaches you how to crochet a jacket using a circle. You could also use a mandala or doily pattern. This jacket is made using the Butterfly Stitch.

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Butterfly Stitch Circular Jacket – Free Crochet Pattern

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This is an INTERMEDIATE Crochet Pattern


For this Butterfly Stitch Circular Jacket project you will need:

HOOK: 4mm or size G

YARN: 3 skeins of 3ply US or 8 ply AU yarn. Best if you use softer yarn than regular acrylic.

The yarn I used was 45% acrylic and 55% Viscose.

100 grams / 3.5. oz

240 meters / 262 yards

  • At least 5 stitch markers
  • 3 buttons
  • tapestry needle


My daughter is about a size 12 which is a size 15 in the US with room to grow!


The instructions of this pattern will be for the size I made. But it can easily be adjusted by making the beginning Butterfly stitch Circle bigger. Find your hole space for the back the same way, and just do the BFS (Butterfly stitch) around and around, increasing when it starts to pull, add more increases if you want to have a more ruffled edge like the one I made here. Then add sleeves in the same method used here.


Ch = chain

sc = Single crochet

BFS = Butterfly Stitch

sl st = slip stitch

sk # sts = Skip the number of stitches

beg st = Beginning stitch


This pattern uses only chains and BFS’s mainly. To save time and prevent this pattern from being so long, I will refer you over to two other pages and sites to learn sections of this jacket, but I will be adding TIPS so pay close attention to this pattern and it’s changes from the old tutorials.

To learn how to do the BFS with pictures and video tutorials go here:



To learn how to create the BFS spiral go here:







PART ONE -Butterfly Stitch Circular Jacket

PART TWO -Butterfly Stitch Circular Jacket

PART ONE -Butterfly Stitch Circular Jacket

PART TWO -Butterfly Stitch Circular Jacket

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PDF Pattern with Pictures

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UPDATE TIP on Spiral. The only difference I did for the spiral was I wouldn’t always do 6 BFS’s worked in the chains, sometimes I would do only 5 if it made the piece lay flatter. Also if doing 5 BFS’s still wasn’t small enough for the piece to lay flat, I would only chain 3 instead of the 4 the pattern calls for, and BFS 4 on the chain.

I did this until I had 5 rows done.

GRanny SPinning dress 5
Round 1

Then sl st over to the tip of the nearest petal and sc on tip of petal *Ch 4 and SC onto the tip of the following petal. * Continue all the way around center. Sl st into beg sc.

BFS jacket 1st round
Round 2

ch 2 and BFS 3 times into the first ch 4 space. * Then move over to the next ch 4 sp and work 3 BFS’s into that ch 4 space * repeat for the round.

001 - 2
Sl st in the longer stitch before the BFS to end the row. Like shown in picture below.

Butterfly Ending the round





Round 3

ch 40 and skip 12 BFS’s / 4 BFS sections and sl st into first wing of next BFS. Now starting in this first BFS you just slip stitched into, work 1 BFS as normal using both wings of the stitch until you have 33 BFS’s ch 40 and skip 12 BFS’s sections and sl st I nto first wing of next BF. Continue to BFS as you did before and all the way around. Place a marker at the beginning of your ch 40. This will be the beginning and end of your rounds from now on. No need to sl st to end a row, just keep it one continuous round.

(Pause Pattern one second)


TIP: If you are making a bigger size than this pattern here is a tip for how to correctly place your arm holes.

First make sure the center piece covers the whole back. Pull up the piece where it can be folded at the top, you want to have your arm holes be on a wider section of the circle, not the small top section, or your sleeves will pull back on you and actually become part of the back of the jacket, so make sure you put the arm holes on the sides of the jacket. Always pull up to make sure the circle covers all of the back before you make your second arm hole.

Measuring the bFS ja

(Continuing Pattern )
Rounds 4 – 11 (8 rounds)

BFS in all sts around.



Rounds 12 & 13

BFS 5 then increase 1. To increase with the BFS You just put 1 full BFS worked in each wing instead of 2. For details on Increasing and decreasing with the BFS see http://www.meladorascreations.com/meladoras-butterfly-stitch-free-crochet-pattern/ repeat for round.* 5 BFS worked as normal, then 1 increase. * repeat until marker.


Round 14

BFS 3 (instead of 5) then increase 1


Round 15

BFS in all sts around


Round 16

Repeat round 13


Round 17

BFS in all sts around

BFS jacket 14





First lay your project out and find out where under the arm will be and place a marker 1/3rd up on each side.

Sleeve BFS jacket 1

Round 1

Attach your yarn on the right marker (unless your left handed then attach on the left one) and work 1 BFS in all stitches around.


Round 2

BFS decrease 8 times. Then BFS rest of round as normal.

NOTE: Remember to decrease with the BFS all you have to do is not chain 1 at the end of the stitch. You will know you’ve done it right if you do not see the yarn separating the stitch but just one big stitch. The decreases here should fall in the arm pit area of the jacket.


Round 3

Using the decreased stitches, you want to BFS as normal using 2 of the stitches. So you have 8 stitches where you didn’t ch 1 after creating these holes.


So you will work a BFS using two of these stitches, so you’ll turn these 8 stitches into only 4. Your decrease is complete. BFS in rest of stitches until you reach the marker again.


Round 4

Repeat round 2. If your arm hole is to small if you decrease again by 8, then decrease by only 6, or 4, whatever is best for you.


BFS Jacket 16
Round 5

Repeat round 3


Rounds 6 – 30 (25 rounds)

Move your marker up to the beginning stitch here. BFS in all stitches around.






Round 18

Mark out 3 spaces for the button. Helps if you hang in on a hanger or have the child wear it.

If you need to rip out a few stitches so you will be where the first button needs to go, then do that. This first button hole will now be your start and end of the round.


* Ch 6 and depending on the size of your button. I have medium size, skip a BFS (two wings) and sl st into the next BFS. Make sure button fits through hole. Then using this BFS you just slipped stitched into, do a BFS in this stitch and in the next BFS. * Repeat 2 more times. 

Then continue to BFS as normal all the way around until your reach your button holes again.

Button hole 1 BFS

BFS 29
Round 19

Skip the stitch right before the button as shown in picture 3 below and just sc 6 onto the chain 6 from last round.

Button hole2 BFS


*Work a 1 BFS in between the button holes as normal. Then sc 6 onto next ch 6.* Repeat for other button hole. Then BFS as normal all the way around until you reach button hole again. Sl st and cut yarn, work in tail.




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