Crochet Serape Poncho – Free Crochet Pattern

This Crochet Serape Poncho I crocheted for my husband after the first poncho I made was a bit to small for him. My son ended up wanted it so it’s his now. I made it from my Reverb Granny square and you can find that pattern over “Reverb Granny Square Poncho”. Hubby made it clear … Read more

Tube Poncho with Cowl Hood Crochet Pattern

I always wanted to crochet a poncho with a cowl that also could be pulled up and used as a hood. So I did it! I was going through a bout of depression and needed a project to keep my mind and hands busy. I did take quick notes just incase it came out perfect … Read more

Winsome Crochet Poncho – Free Crochet Pattern

  The Winsome Crochet Poncho was designed to be beginner friendly as well as easy to adjust the size for child to adult. Just change the color and it’s great for both boys and girls. The size I’m sharing in the pattern is child size. But I share the multiples of the stitch so feel … Read more