There is so many things you can make using this crochet technique. From bags to potholders to booties, it’s definitely something you want to learn if you’re serious about improving your skills form just basic stitches.


Greetings Ya’ll! Hope everyone had a good Easter and Passover Holiday! You haven’t heard much from me during this holiday so allow me to share some of the things I did and what I crocheted on my little vacation!



Before Easter break I filmed the Remote Control Cover Tutorial and after that I was pocket hooked for the week!








First I hid eggs for the first time this year. Kids really had fun finding them.




I made a Star of David Bag for myself this week. I already made my son and daughter a bag. Lior’s bag is a Creeper face from Minecraft. The one I made for Lilly was purple and has a random symbol on it, but we couldn’t find it, so I let her use mine. I made the bag using the chart I created years ago for the Star of David Granny square. If you’d like the chart for the granny square I used, you can find it HERE.



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Another fun thing you can do with Pocket crochet is Pot Holders and Hotpads!




I’ve made several pairs for my family and friends. They really do make great gifts. I’ve learned to make them out of cotton for the best results. I made a tutorial on this technique in the past. I made the ones you see in the photos using single crochets, though I used the “Thick Mesh Stitch” to make the ones in the video, you can still learn this method by seeing how it’s folded and sewn together.

Find it HERE.







You can also make an adorable purse for the little girl in your life by using this pocket method.


I also found this really cute coin purse that can be clipped on to the crochet bag! Lilly uses it for her money and ear buds.






I hope this inspires you to find something to make with these crochet techniques! Use them to make some summer projects that are small and functional!



Happy Crocheting!







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