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Scrap Yarn Rug – Crochet Rug – Scrap Yarn Crochet – Free Crochet pattern

How cute is this Scrap Yarn Rug?!

Using your Scrap yarn to crochet a Scrap yarn Rug can be fast and easy! I’m always looking for ways to use up my scrap yarn. I usually try to find a way to make them to fit a more uniform way, like rainbow colors or small pieces that I can use all of my scrap in a single color.


Well this time I wanted to do something special! I wanted to use my scrap yarn in a way that to create a look that you could never get with a single uniform color scheme. So when the hubby needed a rug to go under his desk, because his booties weren’t enough to keep his feet warm when his feet were on the ground, I decided to use up some scraps to do it.


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Scrap Yarn Crochet Rug – Free Crochet pattern

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For this project you will need:

HOOK: 8 mm hook or size L hook for the US

YARN: Worsted weight yarn, 4 ply US, 10 ply AU



(click on link to find tutorials)

ch = Chain

SC = Single Crochet

sl st = Slip Stitch

SCFS = Single Crochet foundation stitch



I used 3 different colors. I tried to use a color wheel that I looked up online to help! Just look up color wheel and you’ll find a dozen.

The way I used it, I would choose a color such as green or dark teal and I would find a color that was on the opposite side of the color wheel to pair up with it. In my case it was purple. Then I tried to find a color that feel in between those two colors on the color wheel, which in my case was blue.

So I dug through my scraps until I found as many of those colors as I could and separated them from the rest of my colors.


Since my beginning green was kind of a dark teal, I made sure to grab my lighter teals too.


So starting with my darker colors first. I grabbed 3 colors and my 8 mm hook made a SCFS of 45, if you want to do a chain instead then make sure chain loosely and Chain 46.


Then for your Row 2 just Ch 1 and turn and SC in all your SCFS’s or if you chained, row 2 would be SCing in the second ch from your hook and sc down all your 45 chains.


For row 3 and on just keep chaining 1 and turning and SCing in all your stitches.


I never tied on my next color in advance. I would grab the next color that would go best with the color pattern I had going at the time.


If your lighter color ends, try to find a lighter color that best fits it to replace that one with. If you run out of a shade color all together then you can replace it with another color but in the same brightness as the one you were using. So trade a dark color for another dark color, same for a med for a med or a light for a light color.


I just kept crocheting until I ran out of all my colors, because I had a lot of them. If you don’t have enough green, blues and purples, then use the color wheel and find some other color that is beside the color that faded. For example, if you run of of a med purple and you don’t have any light purple, then on your color wheel it says pink is next, then find a medium pink that would fit the best and continue.


I hope this helps you make a scrap rug for yourself. I am addicted to making them now! I’m making myself one for my desk, as well as the bathrooms!


How do you make yarn rugs non slip?


I got asked this question on Facebook. I thought maybe others would have the same question so I am adding my response here.


I made some rugs for my bathroom a few years back and I bought a roll of this rubberish plastic stuff. Not sure exactly what it was made of because there were no tags, but I could feel it had friction and it was thin enough to put a needle in. I have heard of people using Hot Glue to make slippers non slip, so maybe that could work also.”


You can find the full tutorial on sewing the back on, on my loopy rug pattern and tutorial https://www.meladorascreations.com/loopy-rug-free-crochet-pattern-and-tutorial/


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