This was a fun project to play around with. Who would have thought that you could smock crochet! I got inspired when I saw a smocked pillow in the background on TV and thought that it would be really cool to do this smocked pillow idea with a piece of crocheted fabric.


I tried with the Angel Stitch because I already had the piece made, but after trying it and loving it so much, I wanted to do it on a Less textured piece of fabric. So I decided to use single crochets next and WOW you got to see how that turned out! You can find the pattern for that one here. It’s called Smocked Crochet Pillow Cover and I recommend giving it a try if you liked how this one turned out.



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Smocked Crochet Pillow Cover – Free Crochet Pattern

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Smocked Crochet Pillow Cover – Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial



Recommened level crocheter: Advanced


For this project you will need:

HOOK: 5 mm hook or size H hook for the US

I recommend getting a 3mm size C hook to use when smocking.

YARN: two colors of worsted weight yarn, 4 ply US, 10 ply AU (100 grams / 3.5. oz – 240 meters / 262 yards)

I used 3 solid color and 3 variegated color skeins


Another yarn brand with color options



Tapestry Needle






(click on link to find tutorials)

ch = Chain

sl st = Slip Stitch

st = Stitch

sk = Skip

beg = beginning

YO = Yarn Over

SC = Single Crochet

DC = Double Crochet

SCFS = Single Crochet foundation stitch

Repeat what’s in between * for rest of round.








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Smocked Crochet Pillow Cover – Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

PDF Pattern with Pictures

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This pattern is written out to fit a pillow that is 18 by 18 inches \ 45 by 45 cms


Feel free to adjust your pattern to fit any size pillow you need. When smocking using the Angel Stitch, your piece will reduce by about a half an inch on the sides of your piece and length size it looses half it’s size. For example. I created a piece of fabric using the Angel stitch that was twice as long as I wanted my finished piece to be.


Then after I smocked my piece I just made the back piece to match.





Row 1

SCFS 66, ch 3, or ch 2 if it fits your kind of yarn better. Turn your work.


Row 2

YO and insert your hook into the 1st st, pull up a loop, do this 3 more times using the next 3 stiches until you have 9 loops on your hook as picture shows below.


Then pull through only 8 of the loops, leaving 2 loops on your hook


Then YO and pull through the 2 loops to complete your sc, giving you a small hole at the top of your puff stitch.


Work 4 single crochet’s into the hole. Then start the stitch all over again, by doing your puff stitch again. DC in top of ch 3 to end row.




Rows 3 – 62

Ch 3 and working in the top 4 sts only, skip the rest, you will be doing your Angel stitch using the top stitches of the Angel stitches from previous row. These 4 sts I point out in the picture below.

At the end of the row, dc in final ch 3 of row.



Once your piece is the length you need, now we have to get rid of all those tails! No worries, it’s going to be easy! Attach your solid color yarn in the corner of one of the fringe sides and sc in the next 2 sts then do a sc dec.


Crochet over your tails as you go. If you feel your piece need to be reduced more, then sc in the next 3 sts before you do a sc dec, just try to keep your piece of fabric as square as you can.


When you reach the top \ bottom row with no fringe, sc 5, sc dec 1, same rules apply, the idea is to keep your piece as even and square as possible. If it’s getting to wide, rip out some of your row and try adding a few more decreases. If your piece is begoing pulled to small, then back up some of your row and decrease less.


I recommend creating a test piece. Using 2 colors. One white and another darker solid color to practice on before trying to make a large project with this technique.





Time to Smock!

Lay your piece horizontal in front of you. (sorry I took this pic before I hid my tails)



The rows should be vertical in front of you. Using your solid color again, you will need to cut small pieces of yarn. The smallest length that you can tie comfortably.

I would wrap the yarn around 3 fingers like I was about to wind up a ball of yarn, and just wrap it over your fingers about 20 times then cut the yarn once.


Starting on the second row down, and 5th Angel stitch row over. Insert your hook (I used a 3mm size C hook to do this.)



Skip 3 rows of Angel Stitches and Grab up the single crochet row of the Angel stitch from the first row.



Grab one of your small pieces of yarn and pull it through both loops.



Tie 2 knots to secure.


Skip one row down, and grab up the single crochet row of the Angel stitch on the next row.


Using the Angel Stitches single crochet row to pull your tie through again.



Repeat for row as far as you can go to the last row if need be.



For the second row of Smocking you’ll be using the stitches in between the ties from row 1.


As you can see by the picture above, you will always be using the white rows to make your ties, so this is why I used white yarn to create my small pieces of yarn. You will always have a white row in the middle with a colored row on either side that remain untouched this row. You will make your ties using the single crochet row of the Angel Stitch. I have found this is the best way for connection and looks the best from the other side.


Repeat for row as far as you can go to the last row if need be. If you need to back up and make a tie connect on the first row for this row, now’s the time.


For the next row – you will be using the last row’s in between Angel stitches to make your connections. Move over 4 rows (skipping rows Color \ White \ Color rows) grabbing up the single crochet row the the Angel stitch 4 rows over.


Continue smocking in this fashion until your whole piece is done.



Follow the pattern of the Angle Stitch but using 62 SCFS’s instead of the 66 sts you used for the first piece. This is because your piece reduced in size when you smock it.



I made my back piece slightly longer just to make sure it covered my pillow. Remember to crochet around this back piece the hide the tails. Using the same method as you did on the first piece.


Once you have both pieces ready to be sewn, then lay your pieces together with the front sides of your pieces facing one another.


I single crocheted my pieces together on one side. Do the same for the top piece as well. Creating a ring of material that looks like one big bracelet.



The Cords

Now you want to create 2 SCFS cords using your variegated yarn or other color yarn. Just don’t use the same color you used when you did your single crochet border. That way your cords will stick out and create a nice effect. Also for a tip, before you cut your yarn, leave a bit of a tail just encase you need to add another SCFS or two.


—I made two SCFS cords of 40. —


Feed it through the bigger holes along the side pulling your cord going one way only.



Pulling cord going one direction leaves a nice look and sews the sides of your pillow too. Keep pulling through as evenly as you can til you get to the end. Make sure you leave a bit of a yarn tail at the end, that way you can fee it into the tassels after you attach them.


This will make your ends easier to find when you want to remove one of your cords later for easy washing of the pillow cover.



Also to help you with the Tassels and attaching I’ve made a tutorial for you to make that process easier if you’ve never done it before.





How to make a Tassel & Attach it




Making the Tassels


Get a small book or card board about 3 inches wide. I used my child’s Tablet and wrapped my yarn around 20 times. Then cut your yarn making strips of yarn again. Cut a piece to bundle them all together in the center like in row 1. Then get another piece of string to wrap around the middle to create the head of the tassel. Then pull the tails through the wraped piece you just made.



To attach the tassel to the pillow just grab the top 2 strings and attach it to any crocheted corner of the pillow. Pull your cord tail down into the attachment. Feed it through the top attachment as shown in the top picture. Then feed all your tails down through the wrapped portion of the tassel.

Repeat for all the tassels. And your done!





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Smocked Crochet Pillow Cover – Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial