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Pom Pom Scrunchy – Free Crochet Pattern



This Free Crochet pattern teaches how to make a scrunchy using the most basic stitches. All you need is scrap yarn and a rubber band.


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Pom Pom Scrunchie – Free Crochet Pattern

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For this project you’ll need:

YARN: pom pom yarn

HOOK: 3.5 mm hook or size US E a

a rubber band that has some sort or thin cover




ch = Chain

sl st = Slip Stitch

sp = space



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This is a very simple pattern stitches wise, the trick is to master using the yarn, and grabbing the yarn with your hook in the right spot, takes some practice but you should get it quickly if you are not new to crochet, if you are a beginner I don’t know if this is the right project for you yet.


To begin, make your slip knot as usual. But now you have little space to do it in.


Note: Unlike in the pictures, you will need to have a longer tail, this was just to demonstrate, you need to have a longer tail as shown in the tutorial, so you can tie a few knots at the end when your finished.




Twist the yarn over





Insert your hook

Grab some yarn from the same section, and pull it through the loop (it’s okay to use your fingers here to help!)






Now that you have your slip knot, insert your hook through the rubber band and grabbing from the next set (when I say set I mean the space between the two pom poms) Pull up a loop, and grabbing more yarn from the same set, pull through both loops to make your first sc and connection.






Next you want to push your pom pom out of the way, and grab yarn from the next set and do a sl st. Next st you sc by grabbing yarn from the next set, try to grab from the middle of the set if you can, so that you aren’t fighting to much with your pom pom trying to come through the center of the rubber band. And finish your sc using the same yarn in that set as you did before.



Next do another sl st by using yarn from the next set, and repeat this pattern again and again until you have the whole rubber band covered. Keep pulling down your stitches on your rubber band so that you can keep adding new ones, also making the pom pom thicker.
And enjoy!





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