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For this Shaggy Scrunchy project you will need

YARN: A bit of 3 ply yarn for the US and 8 ply for AU

HOOK: size 3.5mm hook or size E hook

a rubber band, without the metal piece is best.


Sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch


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Round 1
Go in through the center of the rubber band, pull up some yarn, and then grab more yarn to complete you first sc. Tighten up the stitch to the rubber band if you can.

Work your way around until whole of rubber band is covered, push sc’s down slightly and add a few more single crochets just to make sure rubber band is covered but do not add to many stitches. Sl stitch into beginning stitch and cut yarn leaving small tail.


Next take your yarn, with tail down, and wrap it around your first 3 fingers 5 times.


Shaggy Scrunchy 5

Then cut your yarn at the bottom leaving both loose tails in the same place.

Shaggy Scrunchy 6

Then take your scrunchie and go in through one of the sc stitches,

Shaggy Scrunchy 7


Then grabbing from the top of the loop, pull loop through stitch.

Shaggy Scrunchy 9

Pull up slightly forming a loop, then pull bigger loop through smaller loop, creating a slip knot.


Shaggy Scrunchy 11

Now pull down to tighten loop and your done with first connection



Keep repeating this until all stitches are used, skip a stitch if you need to, if the stitches are two close or over lapping.



Then take a pair of scissors and pulling up to make sure the cut will be even, cut all loops around scrunchie. And your done!


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