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Round Rug – Blog Post #8



Round Rug – Blog Post #8


Round rug 3




It all started when I made the Lior’s Granny Square pattern and just literally spiraled out into the Sun Rays slouchy Beanie and Finger less gloves patterns!

I have been having so much fun with this pattern that when I saw my husband needed a rug for his side of the bed I jumped at the chance to make something for him.

I had this yarn I bought awhile back to make a sweater for my son. It ended up being so hard to work with crocheting that I decided to put it away.


Round rug Yarn 1


I ended up getting some other yarn to make him a sweater, which you saw in the pattern for the Grit Stitch Sweater, but making something large using a large hook would be great for this yarn, and given that it’s a bit furry, it’s soft on the feet too.

This is the yarn I used:


Round rug Yarn 2


I took a 7 mm hook and using the beginning of the Lior’s Granny square, I started making the rug. ( Just follow the basic pattern before you start to turn it into a square ) It was easy and very forgiving. If it started to ruffle, I knew I needed to back up and remove some stitches, so I would just not increase that round, or not increase as much, and it would flatten the piece out for that round.

I used 2 skeins of this stuff and this is the size I got.


Round rug 1


It is 28 inches / 71 centimeters width and 30 inches / 77 centimeters tall. I can easily fit both my feet in the center circle.


Round rug size



Now my hubbies feet stay nice and warm when he gets out of bed and feels this soft rug under foot! Thanks so much for reading this and supporting me like you do. I sure hope this gives you an idea and inspires you!



BTW those booties are my Simple Booties Pattern they’re the simplest pair of booties to make!



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