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Smocking with the Angel Stitch – Crochet Technique


Hello Fellow Crocheters! I have an exciting thing to show you! But first a short story of how it came about.


After I updated my Angel Stitch Pattern and Tutorial, I was left with this pretty piece of crocheted fabric made that I debated on what to do with it. I decided to put it on my coffee table as a doily.





Then one day I was watching a show on TV and this pillow on the couch next to the actress caught my eye. Now I know I’m not the only one who see’s a crocheted item in a shot and can’t stop looking at it while I totally miss out on what’s going on in the show! LoL


For me it was this smocked pillow. It reminded me of something my grandmother had on her couch when I was a kid. So I looked it up on Google and found out it’s a technique called Smocking that was used. And people just like my grandma used this smocking technique to fold fabric. It’s almost like the art of folding paper, which is origami, this is done with fabric.






Find her channel here!


I’m no seamstress and have no skill with it, but I can make my own flat piece of fabric all day! So I thought I’d give it a try and see what it looked like. Well lucky me, I just had the perfect test piece right in front of me on the table, so I picked up my Angel stitch fabric and using the simplest smocking pattern I could find and gave it a shot. You could see the pattern really start to form after the 3rd row.






It sure does loose it’s size, but it becomes this thick and squishing piece of material! I laid my head down on it the piece and it was almost as soft as a pillow. Then I thought OH I could make a pillow cover using this smocking idea!






And I did! I smocked this stitch again, but giving more space in between, making the lines more defined making it easier to learn and to teach.









I hope you will give smocking in crochet a chance and try for yourself. This is not a project for the beginner crocheter. I’d say it’s more of an advanced crochet project. You must know how to recognize stitches and rows very well.



You can find the lesson PDF on my either of my shops on Etsy or Ravelry. Or just click here Smocked Crochet Pillow Cover PDF to get yourself a copy.






I now have a VIDEO TUTORIAL on this smocking technique using the Angel stitch. You can find the Right and Left handed tutorials How to Smock using the Angel Stitch

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