For this Popcorn Granny Square project you’ll need:

YARN:  3 different colors, worsted weight yarn, 4 ply US 10 ply AU

100 grams / 3.5. oz

240 meters / 262 yards


HOOK: a 5mm / H hook.


Ch = chain
sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
st = stitch
sp = space
*( )* = repeat what is in the brackets til end of row


THE TUTORIALS for Popcorn Granny Square


Right handed version

Left handed Version

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To Start:
Ch 3, sl st in beginning ch to form a ring.


Round 1
ch 2 and DC 11 in center hole, sl st in top of the ch 2 to end. ch 1 cut yarn.

Popcorn Granny Square 8

Round 2
Then change color, add it in between space between the dc’s, ch 2 and dc 4 into space. Turn your work to the back and sl st into top of chain. Ch 2.


Popcorn stitch combined pic


The rest of the popcorn’s will be done as shown below.


Popcorn Stitch: Dc 5 into one stitch or space, and turn your work to the back and sl st in beginning dc.

Put a Popcorn Stitch and Ch 2 for each sp all around for a total of 12 Popcorn stitches. To finish the round, only ch 1 before you sl st into the large hole formed when you made your first popcorn stitch.


Round 3
Change color to a third color and repeat round 2

Popcorn Granny Square 5


Making it a Square

Round 4 
To turn your circle into a square choose a ch 2 sp and join new color, ch 2 and dc 2 into space, next sp dc 3, then next sp you do dc 3, ch 2, dc 3 all in same space to increase. * dc 3 into next sp, next sp dc 3, then next sp you do dc 3, ch 2, dc 3 all in same space to increase* then repeat from *
You should have two sets of 3 dc’s in between each corner space.



Popcorn stitch combined pic 2


Round 5
Attach your yarn anywhere where you have 2 dc’s side by side, to be able to do a cross stitch, and do them all around, adding ch 2 only when your at a corner.


Popcorn stitch combined pic 3

Popcorn Granny Square 17

You should have 6 cross stitches on each side.


Round 6
Last row, sc in all around, put 3 sc in corner spaces.


Popcorn Granny Square 19

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